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Occurred : 8/15/2014 22:50 (Entered as : 08152014 22:50)
Reported: 8/15/2014 9:31:30 PM 21:31
Posted: 8/22/2014
Location: Westbury, NY
Shape: Disk
Duration:5 minutes
4 disc lights evenly spaced going in circle movent but not moving then as a whole while began traveling slowly

At 10:50 pm, I stepped out side my house to throw garbage out in trash can, and decided to pick grapes on my fence in front of my house. I turned around and looked up to the sky towards my neighbor's home looking for the big moon that was present this past week. It was somewhat cloudy, but I noticed between my home and my neighbor's house 4 disc-shape objects hovering fairly low, as they appeared large, unlike stars. All were whitish/very pale tinted bluish in color and the 4 disc were traveling in a circular motion and all the disc were evenly spaced.

They were not who is very much into UFO sightings and emailed him and them called channel 12 news to see the same. The man at the station took my information and number and said someone will call me. I asked traveling any way and just circulate. I walked to the middle of our homes to view it better and I was trying to figure out if it were spot lights of some sort from a local park or something else but after approx 3-4 minutes the whole formation began to move slowly towards the back of mine and my neighbor's home between our houses, at which time I ran into my home to get my camera and iphone and ran back out to the front of my home and it was gone.

I proceeded to run toward the back of my house in the back yard to see if I could see anything but nothing was noted.

I then checked a bit on line to see if any sightings were reported on long island but found someone him did anyone else call he said no. I then wanted to check the internet for the same reason and came across your website and called you where you directed me to write what I saw and send it to you.