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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/10/2014 20:15 (Entered as : 08/10/2014 20:15)
Reported: 8/11/2014 5:12:12 AM 05:12
Posted: 8/15/2014
Location: Hatfield, PA
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:4 minutes
Bright red light at low altitude moved quickly and silently s to n. An exact duplicate followed 3 min later.

We were in our backyard and about 8:15 and saw a light come into view over the roof of the house. At that point it was probably 4 miles away. At first it looked like fireworks. But then we noticed it didn't burst. It was moving over us maybe 1000 ft altitude or less.

It moved steadily and fairly quickly from south to north.(took about 1 minute to cover the sky from horizon to horizon) When it was over us it was dead silent and was as bright as a road flare but not smoking and was much larger in diameter. (Looked as big as a helicopter, which come over our house all the time but make incredible noise)

It moved off to the north and either burned out or the light was up inside and we couldn't see it. It didn't disappear, but was now a black object still moving steadily n the same direction.

The impression was it was a drone like craft with a bright red flare on the bottom.

The really odd thing was about 3 minutes later an exact duplicate did the same thing.

((NUFORC Note: Witness provides little contact information. PD))