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Occurred : 8/6/2014 22:30 (Entered as : 08/06/14 22:30)
Reported: 8/6/2014 8:59:05 PM 20:59
Posted: 8/8/2014
Location: May Pen (Jamaica),
Shape: Light
Duration:~5 minutes
Unusually large orange ball of light seen.

At about 10:30 pm, my sister went outside to feed the dogs. She then saw a big orange light moving slowly in the sky.

She came inside and called me and my brother to come look at this strange light in the sky. I thought to myself that she was probably seeing an illusion or a plane until we went outside.

This ball of light was getting bigger as it approached our house.

We got scared, run inside and closed the door. We went and told our mom about it then my sister went on the back porch and screamed that it was still coming closer and it was getting bigger.

My mom came on the porch and saw it. It then moved over the house until we couldn't see it. We all proceeded to the front of the house, opened the front grill and went outside and it was there.

By this time two men who were walking by were also pointing to the sky. The ball of light then quickly disappeared before our eyes.

I came online to try and find out what it may have been, several people suggests that it may have been a ball lightning. I have never seen one before so I cannot say exactly if it is.

Just making a report on what we saw.