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Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/20/2010 13:47 (Entered as : 02/20/10 13:47)
Reported: 7/9/2014 3:31:49 PM 15:31
Posted: 7/11/2014
Location: Clearwater, FL
Shape: Triangle
Duration:12 minutes
5 UFO's in broad daylight sighting

I was jogging on a popular trail and all the sudden I see a blinding red flash up in the sky in front of me. Somewhat startled I stopped and looked up. About 300 yards in front of me and a short distance above the trees was a giant white triangle shaped aircraft surrounded by 3 "balls of light". Best way I can describe them.

As I first looked up, I had the strangest sensation I've ever had. I didn't think they were UFO's, I just had no idea what I was looking at. I could almost feel my brain trying to figure it all out. Then I finally realized what it was I was looking at. The Triangle aircraft was about 3 passenger airplanes in length and maybe 5 stories high.

The Triangle aircraft had 2 large red lights in the back and one white light in the front. The 3 lights took up almost the entire bottom of the aircraft. The red light was blinding bright and gradually dimmed out. As it dimmed out the 2nd red light came on and again got to be blinding before dimming out. The white light then proceeded to follow the same pattern and just repeated this sequence the entire 12 mins. The lights also were not coming from light bulbs. It was much brighter than anything like that.

To the rear of the Triangle were 2 balls of light and 1 to the front. Oddly they were in a triangle pattern. I could tell they were made of metal but much too bright to make out a shape. The Triangle itself had some sort of distortion around the top or it wasn't made of metal if that makes any sense. I can only compare it to a cloud that appeared to be bubbling. All the aircraft were silent. I heard absolutely no sound and that includes the sound around me.

Now for the strange part. I was on a jogging trail and I remember a man on a bicycle ride past me. I looked over at him to ask him to stop and look at this. I at this time looked over and it appeared as if I was about 3 or 4 feet in the air even though I wasn't. The bicyclist also appeared to be moving very slow. I wanted to say something to him and it seemed like he was a million miles away. The whole thing still creeps me out.

At this time I'm standing there and a second Triangle aircraft literally appears out of the thin air and flashed all 3 of its lights and then vanished. It didn't fly away it seriously just was gone. It too had the same lights, it was an identical aircraft. It then again appeared and then vanished and that was the last I saw of that one.

After it vanished, I looked back and the 3 balls of light that were there were now gone too. At this time the first Triangle aircraft started to rise very slowly and just kept going and going and going. I could still see its lights rotating in sequence when it was VERY high in the atmosphere. It was the first time I realized how high the sky actually is. I've seen some airplanes real high in the air and this thing was twice as far. I eventually lost sight of it.

I then looked down finally and there about 100 yards in front of me were to Police Officers staring right at me. I do not know how long they were there or if they saw what I did. For all I know someone called the Police on the guy standing in the middle of a running trail looking up. I decided to just quickly leave the area and jogged away. I have went back to that spot every year since at the same time and have never saw them again.

For the record I have no clue if it was Alien or Military. I'm not far from a very famous Military Base. What I do know is there are aircraft capable of either turning invisible or vanishing to some other place. Out of the 5 total UFO's I saw, only 1 flew away.