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Occurred : 7/4/2014 22:30 (Entered as : 07/04/14 22:30)
Reported: 7/5/2014 12:49:12 PM 12:49
Posted: 7/5/2014
Location: Monroe, MI
Shape: Light
Duration:3-5 minutes
Orange /Yellow lights over SE Michigan

40 miles south of Detroit. was photographing fireworks to the west of my location when a orange light I took for another rocket arched up from the horizon. When it reached the altitude that it would have exploded at it did no do so. As I observed it progressed from W NW to SE, at about a 60 - 70 deg. angle from my vantage point, across the southern sky.

When it reached a point approx. "half-way" between the western and eastern skies it turned due south and at which point I was viewing it from the rear,and continued on until it faded from view. The speed at which it covered the distance from the western horizon to the point of its turning south was about 40 seconds, which is why I thought it was perhaps a military jet on afterburner. However, that seemed odd as there was no sound, even after it had made the turn to the south.

The other odd part was that a jet, which I assume had taken of from Detroit Metro, was heading south and made a slight heading alteration to the southwest so as to not cross the flight path of the object I was viewing. I DID hear the sound from the passenger jet, though it was faint. I would guess the altitude of the passenger jet at about 20,000 ft +/-, and that of the object to be quite a bit higher, maybe 30,000-35,000 ft. I did get photos of the object, but they show only an orange / yellow light.

As this was coming to an end and I was thinking I had just seen some type of military aircraft, I was turning my attention back to the fireworks when to my amazement two more of the exact type of lights rose up from the western horizon, one directs behind the other, though separated by what I would estimate to be one to two miles, though in a straight line. I took several photos of these two objects, though they are not very detailed beyond showing orange/yellow lights, one trailing behind the other. Again, these two objects traveled from W NW to SE, at the same angle in the sky from my vantage point, and upon reaching the same "mid-way" point turned due south, and continued until out of range for me to see. I thought perhaps they were military aircraft that had taken part in some type of July 4th event, and were heading to the air national guard base in Toledo. However, as I am in the flight path for planes leaving Detroit Metro, and can watch the aircraft in-bo! und to Metro cross from West to NE along the western horizon from my property, I'm familiar with the headings aircraft generally take / use, either in-bound to Metro, or out-bound from Metro, as well as those heading from other points toward Toledo Express airport west of Toledo Ohio, about 30 miles to the Southwest. These objects did not use any flight path I've ever seen other aircraft take, nor did they appear to be on any heading I've ever seen other aircraft that over-fly Monroe take. Again, COMPLETE silence as these lights passed over head.

As I watched the other two fade from sight, I turned back to the west to see if any more were forthcoming. As I did so a neighbor to the east put off a couple of fireworks which caught my attention. As I turned to watch the treeline to the east I noticed a fourth orange light traversing from the north to the south, within 25 deg. of being directly over-head, again, moving at high speed, as a jet on afterburner would, minus the noise. It made a slight course correction and proceeded to the same point the others had, and continued on until it faded from sight.

After that, nothing. I've been doing photography since I was sixteen, I've photographed the craters on the moon, planes and stars at night, and just about everything else I can photograph. I've studied just about every plane type, and researched "ufos" enough to know that the vast majority are man made aircraft of one type or another, be they experimental, military, drones, satellites, etc.

What I saw last night were not "space aliens". They were man made craft, of that I am certain. But, what type, I don't know. They were very fast and used some type of dampening system to mask the engine sound on afterburner. Where they were going in such a hurry and the fact that obviously other people have been seeing the same type of aircraft in this region and along the upper mid-west over the past couple of weeks is also interesting.

The other thing is the fact that the passenger jet altered its heading so as not to intersect that of the first object I saw.

That al! so tells me these objects were most likely some sort of military craft. my question would be, why all this activity in this region ?