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Occurred : 6/21/2014 00:15 (Entered as : 06/21/2014 00:15)
Reported: 6/21/2014 11:37:24 AM 11:37
Posted: 6/24/2014
Location: Denton, TX
Shape: Sphere
Duration:45-60 minutes
Clear red and green object seen by me and my wife for 45 minutes to an hour

Late last night while I was researching a paper I heard my dogs barking. I had gone outside several times in the last 2 hours beforehand, but this time I chose to get a flash light and check it out. I went to the rear left side of my home where I could see my dog was acting very strange, because he was obsessed with a frog that he could not reach.

I began noticing a mechanical sound, I have a pool and was standing next to the filtration system so at first I did not realize it was anything irregular. It was at that time when I noticed the sound was different so I looked up and I could see an object in the sky appeared to be hovering above my neighbors home that lives across the street from the front of my home. It was not fuzzy at all, it was as clear as it can get it was; a bright sphere or saucer shaped object that had two distinct lights that were red and green. It was hovering for what I would say was 2 minutes when I realized that I needed to run insid! e and get my phone to try and capture an image. I then ran inside and grabbed my I phone and placed it on camera mode and I tried to take a photo several times, but the phone stinks and it just was not looking good, so I took my flashlight and tried shining it toward the UFO so I could get a better picture, but it didn't work. It was like I drew the objects attention when I flashed the light it finally moved toward the back of my yard directly over me, but 2 homes over the right from my front yard. I switched my phone to video, because it began to fly around doing very fast change of direction movements, which I was able to take several videos showing the object moving. I felt as if it wanted me to see the object, then it shot back to the front. I have a wife and a 11 month old girl and they were in bed sleeping. I ran upstairs, because I knew someone else had to see the object or I would regret it. I woke my wife and she was startled so it woke up our baby (that was not gr! eat), but I had to do it. My wife was not happy, but I told he! re what I had seen and to run outside to see it. She went to try and see it from the windows, because she was indisposed, but could not see it, so I reiterated you have to see this, go outside. The baby began crying so I grabbed her and we went outside to the front porch to try and find it, but we did not have to search, it was hovering very low in front of our home this time and we stared at the object while I held the baby, they went back inside to go back to sleep and I ran back up to the bedroom to get the phone so I could get a shot of the object from my daughters room, since it was now so low and being upstairs I could get closer. I still had the phone on video so I began to film instead and I am glad I did, because as soon as I started again, a few seconds later it just vanished before my eyes. It felt as if it knew we were observing it and helped us see it and then it vanished so I had no way of doubting what it was.

For the record, I am a Navy veteran and a Minister in a Church, I have never believed in anything like aliens or UFOs, so this experience is definitely, not being written lightly. I am hoping that someone else saw what we experienced last night and that I could have someone analyze the phone footage to verify the proof. I am so glad I woke up my wife and anyone who has a 11 month old baby that does not sleep or has been there knows, that waking them up was not done lightly, My wife told me she was very glad I did this morning, because she would have believed me, but seeing it as clearly as she did, that was clearly unexplainable and obviously not easily mistakable for anything that we know exists. I am hoping it comes back and I will be keeping my eye out for it tonight and whenever I can. I will also note that around 2 AM I heard helicopters flying around my home later, this made me wonder if it had been reported.