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Occurred : 8/17/1979 20:30 (Entered as : 08/17/1979 18:30)
Reported: 6/18/2014 10:27:15 PM 22:27
Posted: 6/20/2014
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Shape: Sphere
Duration:2 minutes
20+ft diameter clear crystalline sphere traveling slowly and silently a few hundred ft above and parallel to ground

It was a clear night, and I had just arrived home from church and wanted to stay outside and enjoy the night air. I dropped the truck tailgate down and sat on it looking westward enjoying the quiet clear night before heading inside for good.

I was just basically staring straight ahead across the road over miles of vacant land and not up into the sky. Not too long a time went by when I spotted an object moving toward me from a mile or so away. It was traveling parallel to the ground and not more than a few hundred feet above the ground. It got larger, naturally, as it came closer to me. (It did not change size. It was just getting nearer and nearer.) I hopped down off the tailgate and stood watching it get closer and closer. I was definitely not expecting to see what I saw.

This object was clear like crystal glass and spherical. It looked like a crystalline golf ball in that its entire surface had concave circular “divets“all over it just like a golf ball. I could see inside a black structure spanning about the center third of the sphere. The top of this black structure was probably a bit more than half the internal height of the sphere. Below the black structure was a brown structure that touched the black structure and was the same width. It is hard to estimate the size of the sphere. This was no star pinprick of a light in the sky. This was probably a minimum of twenty feet in diameter and just a few hundred feet above me.

I slowly raised my head up as it passed and turned my body around to follow it towards the city of Phoenix. This sphere made not a bit of noise, and it did not cause any air turbulence. There was no harsh or bright light emanating from it. The inside was illuminated, (that is how I saw the black and brown structures) but no bright spot that would indicate the source of light was evident. The outside had like a hazy light around the sphere. No separate exterior light(s), but light that must have passed from inside the crystal sphere to the outside. It was like the haze you see around a street light at night.

My eyes followed it until I could see it not more. I ran inside and turned on the radio…no news flash, etc. My husband was watching tv, and there was nothing on the tv about the object. I never heard anything about it.

I have looked on the internet concerning spherical ufos and have found nothing similar to what I saw. I came across this site tonight, hesitated, but then thought maybe someone else did see it or one like it and hadn’t responded either.

It was real, and makes me wonder what our government really has knowledge/ability to do. I know what I saw, and there will never be an denying it.

I am 67 now and saw this when about 32 years old. I was a school teacher at the time and just retired two years ago from 25 years of teaching mainly science at a Texas junior high/middle school.


I was trying to fix the event time on a report I just sent in and clicked on what ended up getting me to your home page. I couldn't find a way back to the report to try to fix it again. The event time should have been 20:30. It was about 8:30 at night, and I think I converted the event time incorrectly. Sorry.


((NUFORC Note: We have amended the time above. Source of report indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. PD))

((NUFORC Note: Source of report indicates that the date is approximate. PD))