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Occurred : 6/10/2014 00:00 (Entered as : 06/10/2014 0:00)
Reported: 6/12/2014 3:06:27 AM 03:06
Posted: 6/13/2014
Location: Puyallup, WA
Shape: Flash
Duration:a few seconds
EXTREMELY LARGE WHITE FLASH OF LIGHT, traveling towards the moon on 06/10-Puyallup, WA.

It was around midnight when I went outside to smoke a cigarette. I looked up and saw a bright white light following along the same general route as a previous craft I reported earlier was traveling. Almost looked like a shooting star but wasn’t quite as fast and the light trail lasted longer than most shooting stars I've ever seen.

The object disappeared into the clouds, headed towards the moon. No noise. Seemed closer to earth than the stars in the sky did. This shooting white orb, in comparison, was about as size of an eraser on the end of a pencil, if held up to the sky with eyes squinted.