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Occurred : 6/3/2014 22:30 (Entered as : 06/03/14 22:30)
Reported: 6/3/2014 9:33:03 PM 21:33
Posted: 6/4/2014
Location: Tigerton, WI
Shape: Light
Duration:2 minutes
3 witnessed white light moving quickly northeast over wisconsin sporadically pausing, then continuing

My 15 yr old daughter first saw this and asked me what I thought it was. It was brighter and higher than a normal plane would fly and moving incredibly fast.

It was moving northeast and the strangest thing is that it would pause, like it was slowing down but from a very fast pace to a crawl for about 3 seconds and then resume a fast pace again. It would "pause" sporadically and did so about 5 times.

It seemed to be gaining altitude and we watched it until it traveled out of our sight.

We are in the country and there were no lights hindering our vision of the sky. Tonight was a very clear night and I have never seen anything like this before.

If anyone else saw this please report, especially if you have knowledge as to what this was.