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Occurred : 10/19/2013 22:30 (Entered as : 10/19/14 22:30)
Reported: 5/19/2014 7:40:19 AM 07:40
Posted: 6/4/2014
Location: New Boston, MI
Shape: Other
Duration:~5 minutes
Reddish-orange flying bon-fires moving over New Boston, MI, on 10/19/2013.

Hello, On the night of October 19th, 2013, at 10:30pm while driving west on Willow RD approaching the I-275 overpass bridge, I began noticing reddish-orange lights in the sky.

These lights were moving towards me on the right side of the road in single file formation. They appeared to be following one another. As I drove, I noticed there were approximately 3-5 lights and due to their color and direction of travel, I knew immediately I was seeing something extraordinary.

There is an airport nearby, and I am used to seeing planes in the area, but in my area, the planes travel north to south and vice versa. Plus, jet liners have those red, green, blue LED lights and huge white spotlights in the front. What I was seeing was nothing like that. These lights appeared to be flying bon-fires. I’ve not seen anything like it before or since in the sky.

I stopped my car just before the overpass in an open area, got out, and attempted to take video of the objects with my Blackberry cell phone. I could tell by looking at my cell phone it wasn’t picking up all that I was seeing, but it was all I had on me, so I continued videoing anyway. I didn’t want to miss anything, so I was watching the objects as I videoed; consequently, the video is pretty shaky at times.

Anyway, as I stood there, I noticed the objects, while traveling in a straight line, were actually traveling in a long slope upwards, higher and higher in the sky. One by one, the lights would climb until it was no longer visible. I would then pan to the next one and video it until it disappeared too.

As I said, they appeared to be reddish-orange, sort of like a bon-fire. Imagine not a raging bon-fire, but a smoldering fire that has nearly gone out with a flame more orange than red is what I can best describe it. The object itself I could not see at all but rather the outline of the object due to the fire surrounding what I assumed to be the bottom of the craft/object.

I am sure they were not sparklers, flares, or lanterns because of their speed and consistency of travel, which was in a perfect line, gradually upwards in what I would approximate as a 30 degree angle.

These objects made no sound that I could hear. It was a quiet night and not particulary windy. I felt no breeze.

I could also see clouds in the sky because the moon was so bright. They were not disappearing into clouds. I am sure of that. They were moving so far upwards into the sky that they were no longer visible. I am not sure how far that would be, but in a matter of minutes, they were approximately the height of where I would see jet liners approach for landing, and then 2-3 minutes later were out of the atmosphere where I could no longer see them.

I have video a 1:50 video of the objects. The video is 110mb but is a bit shaky. Other than the lights themselves, not much else can be ascertained, but I can send it anyway if you like.