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Occurred : 4/22/2014 21:00 (Entered as : 04/22/14 21:00)
Reported: 4/22/2014 6:56:04 PM 18:56
Posted: 4/24/2014
Location: Morristown, TN
Shape: Triangle
Duration:2-3 minutes
UFO, 3 larger lights form triangle, 1 smaller dim light on top, all non flashing, fast/silent flight, military jet in pursuit (slower).

I was outside walking when I noticed a large solid ball of yellowish/white glowing light. I thought I was seeing a planet at first (but way too large).

It appeared to not be moving, so I called for my father and grandmother to look. We watched, it began moving closer until it flew over us at a much lower altitude than any commercial jet would fly, and was moving to other horizon, and by the time I got to the backyard to finish watching, it had vanished.

When I was in backyard trying to find it again, a Military Jet appeared in same flight path about 2 minutes later, and my father and I confirmed that it was a military jet from our military experience, and we knew it was a jet from the obvious sound we heard once it had moved on as well.

The UFO had a very fast/smooth flight with no noise, 3 lights form triangle/very Bright, 1 small dimmer light on top, all non flashing (couldn't make out the individual lights until it was over head, at distance it was huge g! lowing ball of hovering light).

We are in shock.

I'm 30 years old (Navy Brat), Father is 62 (20 Year Navy Veteran), grandmother age 86.