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Occurred : 4/18/2014 22:01 (Entered as : 04/18/14 22:01)
Reported: 4/19/2014 2:56:04 PM 14:56
Posted: 4/24/2014
Location: Chico, CA
Shape: Disk
Duration:~29 minutes
After going on the back porch for a smoke, what I saw was unbeliveable, we moved to the parking lot for a better unobstructed view.


Again, until the 911 operator called me back, I didn’t even know a National UFO Reporting Center even existed.

You requested to place our fingers where we first saw what was flying over to where they had climbed out of sight and blinked out. We used a degree finder to be as close to how much of an angle we were watching. The degree finder gave us a value of 197° until each of them went straight up, so high as to we couldn’t see then anymore and basically they blinked out. Again I am NOT sure as to exactly what my wife and I were watching. She definitely did NOT get worked up as much as I did, because again I wasn’t sure what exactly it was we were watching.

OK, I do have an update as to the direction they were traveling. You asked what direction the travel was. As by compass the (Crafts) or whatever, they were came from the Southeast and was traveling I the direction of the Northwest. I know you said you had sightings of the same things just South of Seattle Washington, but somewhere the (crafts) must of changed direction of travel. Again, this started at 21:01 hours and this lasted about a total of 29 minutes.

Contacting the National Weather Service about wind speed at our level, which there was NO wind on the ground but you want wind speed at 3000’ and 6000’. The closest we can come with since all we can seem to get are recorded messages, but the wind speed at about 3000’ was North West at about 10mph. At 6000’ they weren’t very clear but again North West at between 15 and 20mph. You also requested to contact the F.A.A., that was a total joke especially in this area, all we could get were recorded messages, NO matter what department we pushed the buttons on the phone to get to. All we could get were recorded messages then when finished, there were NO areas to leave a message it just simply just hangs up. To be honest, right now I am almost sorry I reported what my wife and I were watching and probably will NOT do so in the future.

We are trying very hard to do the right thing and make the calls you requested we make and all we seem to get is stonewalled. I really don’t need this. Right now we have about five (5) hours trying to report what we were watching. Again like I explained, I did contact our newspaper office, again to get a recording. And in the past 5 and ½ hours they have refused to return the telephone call, I know because of what it was. OK, I am going to try to get six (6) radio stations involved and two (2) two Television Stations, and hopefully again we will NOT get stonewalled again. Up here I already have over 20 people looking down their noses at us. This is really making the both of feel like fools. Again, you are right, I cannot possibly tell you the exact speed and height of the (crafts) we were watching. I have a very close guess since we do have an airport very close to us and watch jet aircraft all the time and 1 and 2 times the speed of sound. Normally, anytime this happens there is a very large sonic boom. These (crafts) last night were totally and I mean totally silent.

You asked about the size of the (crafts) against a possible full moon, We both can tell you our guess they were at least 10,000’ feet up but they were large enough even at that height these (crafts) were would completely cover a full moon plus some. And according what I could see against a very clear sky, Above the very bright RED and Yellow lighting, the (crafts) appeared to be a saucer shape. Again, the sky was clear as a bell.

We hope this answers some of the questions you had, especially since we are getting stonewalled where ever we have called, now we are getting laughed at by the media also. I do know in Chico right now there were several more people I personally know witnessed the very exact same thing. I have tried very hard to get them to come forward with you and submit a report also. This is with NO avail, they are all too afraid of being laughed at. Personally, I don’t give a d**** what other people think, this is what my wife and I were watching, and other that being stonewalled with the National Weather Service, the F.A.A. and the news media I just simply want you to know what we were seeing.

My curiosity is very high to know exactly what those (crafts) were we were watching.