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Occurred : 4/16/2014 22:03 (Entered as : 04/16/14 22:03)
Reported: 4/17/2014 7:03:36 AM 07:03
Posted: 4/18/2014
Location: Mexico (close to; on US 31), IN
Shape: Chevron
Duration:10 minutes
Huge Boomerand shaped aircraft buzzed me.

Ok, here goes... I was driving north on 31 not quite half way between Peru and Rochester... Not too sure exactly where but it was about 10.03 pm Yes I looked at my clock as it flew over me). I just looked over to the west and spotted want I thought was a really bright star and to be honest, didn’t think anything of it. I just kept driving. I looked over again and it seemed to be much bigger and brighter. As I watched it (as well as try to keep my eyes on the road, it started to get closer. It was very low to the ground and seemed to be no more than a couple of hundred feet up.

The bright light suddenly split into two lights (it probably was 2 lights all the time but as it was in the distance, looked like one). I tried to see if I could make out any of the normal colored lights that all aircraft have on them but could not see any.

As it got closer, I realized it was big.. I could see smaller white light down the sides of it. As I started to make out a shape (now take into account it was dark so as we know, eyes play tricks in the dark), I knew this was not a normal aircraft.. It was shaped like a boomerang with the two lights on the front end of it.

I know that aircraft fitted with large landing lights have them on the wings just out from the main fuselage but it was not like this. I couldn’t make out a nose cone or any kind of body behind the wing shape. Ok, there are aircraft similar to this and I have seen them. I grew up by a military aircraft manufacturing plant and have seen many many planes. Regular design, alpha wing, reverse wing, old and new but this was not like any that I remember.

As it got closer I realized that it was going to go almost right over the top of me and it did... well maybe just a little ahead because I watched it through my windscreen. It was huge and like I say seemed to be really low to the ground... a couple of hundred feet at most. When I say huge, I have seen and been really close and on a 747 and also a concord and it seemed to be bigger than this. It was way too low to be just flying around and why have your landing lights on if you’re not landing because there is no airfield close enough for something that big to land around there except for Grissom and that is way south. As it flew over me I was expecting a lot of noise but nothing...

I tried to follow its path but as I took my eyes off it and pulled back my sun visor to the sun roof and be able to see it and then out of my side window.. It was gone.. I scanned around and nothing... No lights, no shape, nothing. There were no other vehicles around, nothing in front except for one way of in the distance but I could not see anything behind me. Crap... why is it always that way.

I have no idea what it was. Was it a plane that either I could not make out because it was dark but if so, why no coloured lights on it… Or a strange design that I have not seen before... Maybe it was Stealth tech because they are an odd shape. A Vulcan bomber, they have the delta wing shape, or something else.

No I did not get abducted, ((Passage deleted)) I have not had any strange antenna popping out of it. What did I see, no idea so by definition it was a UFO.