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Occurred : 4/14/2014 19:00 (Entered as : 04/14/14 19:00)
Reported: 4/16/2014 7:20:03 PM 19:20
Posted: 4/18/2014
Location: Ashe Fork, NV
Shape: Light
Four lights appeared for a few seconds and then suddenly disappeared in sequence near Ashe Fork, NV, on April 14, 2014.

At dusk, my wife and I simultaneously saw from our moving vehicle traveling along the highway just south of Ashe Fork, NV a light above the horizon (mountain) that was colorful but didn't seem to move. Then, it suddenly disappeared.

Momentarily, three other lights, that were composed of three lights each appeared near the same place in the sky in formation. Then, they, too disappeared after a couple of seconds, just like the first light did.