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Occurred : 4/11/2014 04:40 (Entered as : 11/04/14 04:40)
Reported: 4/10/2014 10:40:39 PM 22:40
Posted: 4/11/2014
Location: Newtongrange (Midlothian)(UK/Scotland),
Shape: Light
Duration:10-12 minutes
1 fast zipping light/red/green in distance & 1 whiteflash with r/green lights moving away appearing after flash & moving away from it.

Seen looking south/se from Newtongrange about 10-15 degrees above horizon was making coffee at about 04:38~ after sourcing PS4's on alibaba, went to open door to get some air & saw a light that i thought was a plane with lights on in the distance, it was amber/white but changing colours with red/green glints changing quickly, I went to look elsewhere then I saw it ZIP I mean ruddy-well ZIP across to a new location left/eastward (at arms length maybe half my fists width) it was enough to draw my eyes back to it & watch it, i thought it was just my eyes but I looked on for a while & saw it make small diagonal/up/down FAST movements, staying in the same place & each time before it turned it seemed to have a smooth slow down in the last 10-20% of its A-B line. I also steadied my head against the door frame to see how much it was moving, id say it was about only 1/10th of my fist at arms length.

I woke my friend & got her to look at it, was away for about about 20 seconds & she came through to the kitchen to see it & after maybe another 20 seconds of her watching it with me & she did same with door frame to see it move she pointed out it was moving west slowly. (it did not seem to get closer at any point maybe a little further away even) & near 04:50 we both saw a clean white flash & 2 lights appeared but it was very fast to the west maybe 5 fists to the right/west of the 1st moving light it was at 20-25 degrees horizon & seemed allot closer, (the flash looked to be 1 fist in size up/down & half a fist diagonally across it not just a round flash) then maybe 1 to 1 & a half fists to the left of the flash we saw a two lights red/green appear(no white light just 2 separate distinct colours, not flashing & the red light was leading) they were moving FAST, maybe 3-4 fists a second from west to east within 5-7 seconds it was gone.

The first one then moved slowly till about a 04:52~ it went behind an obstacle.

The first light was maybe at arms length the size of a match head.

The pair of solid red/green lights were about 2-3 times larger.

Tried to take a picture with my crappy Nokia but it could not see anything.

No sound of bang or anything.

There were no other planes i could see moving about, they fly over normally later in the morning & make a shit load of noise I think a flight tracker for the UK would show if there were.