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Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/7/2014 06:45 (Entered as : 4/7/2014 06:45)
Reported: 4/7/2014 7:52:58 AM 07:52
Posted: 4/11/2014
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Shape: Triangle
Duration:1-2 minutes
Hovering triangular craft with search lights.

I was driving along the I95N at about 06:45 when I saw something very bright in the sky in front of me. It was still dark. At first I thought it might be a star, but as I drew closer I realized it could not be. As I continued to travel along the freeway I was watching it and it did not appear to be moving. I considered that perhaps it was a signal light on top of a cell phone tower or similar but I was not aware of any such construction in the area.

As I got closer and it came clearly into view, it appeared to be triangular in shape and the size of a large plane. It seemed to hover and didn’t have any speed like an airplane or jet would. There was also no audible sound coming from it. Although I did not lower the windows on my vehicle, I feel sure that had it been a plane of that size I would have heard the roar of the engines.

The other thing that struck me as unusual was that it appeared to have search lights on it. They were very big and round and they faced down, towards the ground, not like the head lights of an airplane. It did also have a red and green light on it which I understand is used to signal port and starboard on aircraft. I am not sure how many of these search lights were on this triangle as I did not count them, but I would guess at perhaps 6 or 8.

I was unable to stop on the freeway, or to take picture whilst I was driving so I took the off ramp and drove around to where I normally park, hoping I would still be able to see it, however by the time I got around the building, I could no longer see the craft.

I would very much like to learn what it is that I saw.