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Occurred : 3/26/2014 22:00 (Entered as : 03/26/2014 22:00)
Reported: 3/28/2014 4:02:42 PM 16:02
Posted: 4/4/2014
Location: Clayton, NC
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:10+ minutes
Saw two white light 'sticks' with blue and red lights at night moving in a horizontal plane across sky with no sound being made.

3/26/2014 Over Garner/Clayton NC at around 10pm.

I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water while I waited for the washer to finish the load of whites it was washing. I looked out the window and saw what I thought was a bright star.

Then it flashed bright and I thought, 'that was weird' and kept looking at it. It was long like a white stick with a blue and red light in the middle area. About every 5 secs it would flash brighter or flicker on & off, I couldn't tell.

Anyway, I figured it was eye fatigue and was either a plane or a star but then I noticed it was moving ever so slightly on a horizontal line to the right (North). I kept watching it because I figured I was tired and would figure out that it wasn't moving at all but it did and kept moving.

So I decided to step outside and have a look. First thing I noticed is how quite it was... dead silent. There's usually the sound of traffic on Hwy 70 at the minimum or a dog barking but nope... nothing.

Then I noticed a second 'star' with the exact same qualities as the first and verified the other one was still where I had last seen it so... there were actually two ! of them. Both were silent, high up, looked identical and were moving very, very slowly in a horizontal motion heading North.

I watched them for about 10 mins and then went back inside cold and alittle bit freaked out.

Not sure what they were but they definitely were not helicopters or planes as there was no sound and they were moving way too slowly.

I'm a 53 yrs old Computer Scientist who works at NC State in the IT division.