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Occurred : 5/31/2005 20:00 (Entered as : 2005 20:00)
Reported: 3/23/2014 7:59:11 PM 19:59
Posted: 3/27/2014
Location: Greene/Lewiston, ME
Shape: Other
Duration:30-45 seconds
A large UFO passes slowly a few hundred feet above us, then goes to warp speed.

One evening in the spring or summer of 2005 my wife and I were in our family room, with the doors to our deck open (screens were closed), watching a TV show about NASA and deep space exploration. I would guess it was on the discovery channel.

When the show got to the part about the kind of special engine it would take to travel millions of miles, they showed an animation of a satellite and played the sound of the engine… which sounded like a hot-air balloon, when it’s burning gas to heat the air inside it (a constant Cauuuuu sound).

But what caught our attention, was when the show went to commercial, the sound continued??? So I went out onto our deck, we lived on the edge of a forest at the time, and looked up expecting to see a hot air balloon.

But what I saw, was a spaceship, a big spaceship that seemed to be defying gravity. It was a hundred or two feet in front of me, and few hundred feet above the ground, not going very fast. Going left to right, perpendicular to our house and deck.

FYI – In the direction I was looking there are no roads, no houses, or lights, just forest and marsh, for about a mile and a half, and no airports nearby.

I immediately called my wife out to the deck, and we both watched it… up close and with clear view of it. It was big enough to pretty much black out the sky.

The dimension are a complete guess, but something like 100’ across, 200’ long and 40’ tall, with a glowing engine covering the entire backside of the craft.

As far as the shape goes, and I hate to say this, it looked a lot like something out of a Star Wars or Star Trek movie, only a little more rugged. It was close.

Anyways, we stood there watching it move slowly with that constant Cauuuu sound… then when it got about a mile off to our right (our house was on a hill), the thing went into some kind of near instant warp speed, and arced away and up, and was gone in two or three seconds. The glow from its’ engine allowed us to track its’ amazing rapid accent.

Once it had gone, we didn’t report the incident to the police, as we’re both professionals, and didn’t want any bad PR.

But the next morning, when we told the story to our employees and made light of it, we got the expected ribbing… but one of them told us they’d been a story that morning in the Lewiston Sun Journal, about a woman in Auburn (our sister city, on the other side of the river) who had called the police to report a UFO or strange lights.

We never bothered to look for the story, as we were very busy, and didn’t subscribe to the paper.

If anyone wants to pin-point the date, and time, they can look for the woman’s story in the Lewiston Sun Journal, and then check Time Warner’s TV show listings on that date.

As a little background, neither my wife nor I do drugs, or alcohol. Nor have seen a UFO before, or since. And have gone years without telling other people about this story.

My guess is the spaceship had possible landed on a wide, isolated part of the Androscoggin River for water, and was in the process of taking off when it passed over us. The river is about 3,500 feet to the west of us, with only a hand full of houses in between.