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Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/26/1996 02:00 (Entered as : 10/26/96 2:00)
Reported: 3/22/2014 2:52:13 PM 14:52
Posted: 3/27/2014
Location: Newport Beach, CA
Shape: Changing
Duration:2.5 minutes
Object defies physics in Newport Beach, CA

The main reason that I'm submitting this UFO sighting report so many years after the incident occurred is that I'm just very curious if there was anybody else that was an eyewitness to what I saw that night, and if so, I would love to hear their descriptions, and compare their perspectives with mine.

The following occurred in Newport Beach, California, on a Saturday night/Sunday morning at approximately 2 AM on October 26, 1996:

I was out for a jog, and I was running southward down the beach at approximately 2 AM between 68th and 56th Streets. Out of the corner of my left eye I saw several green fireballs falling, which I turned to look at. They were falling on the north side of Pacific Coast Highway (approximately near what I later learned had been a military airstrip in Costa Mesa that had been used back in the forties).

The green fireballs were only falling approximately 30 to 50 feet in the air. I thought it was odd, but I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to it, because I was thinking that they could be fireworks or something, and so I kept running.

Because I had just seen the green fireballs, my eyes were alert and able to move quickly to what I saw next, which occurred approximately 30 seconds after I saw the green fireballs. Out of my upper left peripheral vision, I saw a streak come nearly straight downward like a shooting star, which left a trail in the atmosphere, like the tail of a comet. At the same instant, I heard it make a slight "pfft" sound.

The trail wasn't straight above me, but it was above me, forward, and to my left. I looked at this trail in the atmosphere in wonderment, and as I was looking, I saw that at the bottom of the trail (where the the head of the comet would be), there was an object, which wasn't going anywhere, but was shaking. It seemed unstable, and then it started gliding erratically forward and downwards left and right, looking shaky, with motions that looked very much like the motions of a butterfly. It then stabilized into a smoother glide.

I noticed the object had an orange glow, which I realized must've been caused by friction from the atmosphere, because it obviously entered the atmosphere from outer space at a very high rate of speed, maybe 20,000 to 50,000 miles per hour, and then abruptly came to a dead stop approximately 700 to 1000 feet above me. (a mind blowing maneuver!)

During the time that the object was at the bottom of the "comet-like tail," it was shaking in mid air, so it was hard to see what it's shape was. It seemed like it could've been a hat shaped UFO, possibly black and silver colored, but as it started gliding it seemed as though it was a different shape. It seemed like it was more of a Batplane shape or a glider wing; black, but with tinges of an orange glow.

This craft made no sound, though I do have a vague recollection that there may have been a faint sound which could be comparable to the sound of a sailboat's sails being blown by the wind, or the kind of sound that a hang glider might make while flying. I would attribute the sound to atmospheric friction against the craft, which would mean I must've been fairly close to it in order to hear that, considering the sound of the surf was coming from 50 to 70 feet to the right of me.

Estimating how high the craft was and its size is difficult because it was nighttime, and the thing seemed to be changing its shape. If it was approximately 700 to 1000 feet above me, then I would estimate it to be maybe 30 to 40 feet in diameter.

The next description of maneuvers coincided with the objects gradual shape shifting some more, and becoming circular, or oval shaped, with a milky white color, almost as though there was a cloudy white film forming around the object.

At a very high rate of speed, as it was becoming encapsulated in some kind of milky white plasma, it started doing big S shape maneuvers which defied any physics I'd ever experienced. It whipped around to the right as though it was a tetherball attached to a pole, and then it whipped around to the left in the same way. The size of these big S shape maneuvers would cover an area the size of 10 to 15 football fields. It would intermittently stop, but not completely, and it was at these stopping points that its motion had a profound effect on me. I could sense what its propulsion was based on.

The profound "big picture"realization I had was that the object's strange movement, no longer seemed strange when viewed within the context of experiencing gravity and the inertia of myself and the Earth moving together through the cosmos. To illustrate what I mean, picture yourself in a race car in a race at the Indy 500, and there's another race car in front of yo! u weaving and darting quickly left and right. In context with you experiencing the speed of your vehicle and seeing the payment moving very very quickly underneath your race car, the motion of that race car in front of you would seem normal. But the motion of the race car in front of you wouldn't seem normal if you and the race car that you were in were just sitting still while the payment underneath you was also completely still.

When experiencing the UFO object's motion with in the context of Newtonian physics, where in, the earth and I were seemingly standing still, the motions of the UFO looked odd.

But in the context of experiencing the inertia of myself and the Earth moving together through the cosmos, the UFO's motions didn't look odd. This is more in the realm of quantum physics perhaps, because it's not just the relationship of the UFO's movements with myself in context with the Earths gravity that makes up the equation, but additionally, it's also the inertia of the earth and the inertia and gravitational properties of the s! olar sys tem, and the inertia of the galaxy etc.

The UFO caused me to feel myself traveling at the speed of the earth and even possibly sense the speed of the solar system through the galaxy. Seeing this UFO helped me to understand that the UFO was using principles of celestial mechanics to propel itself. Here's another illustration in the form of a riddle/question which I will sometimes ask people in order to get them to start to ponder and grasp the concepts that I was able to realize as a result of having this experience:

Question: How does a UFO accelerate from 0 miles an hour to 50,000 miles an hour, all in a split second? Answer: It puts on the brakes.

The S patterns gradually moved away from me Southward and then subsided and turned into a weaving flight like that of of an agile aircraft. It headed southward toward Laguna Beach and morphed into what looked more like a projection then a physical object, like the projection of a spotlight on a cloud, or a film being projected onto a cloud.

I watched it as it gradually moved further and further away, moving in the direction of Laguna Beach, until it was finally out of site.