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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/15/1968 22:30 (Entered as : 06/15/68 22:30)
Reported: 2/14/2014 10:10:05 PM 22:10
Posted: 2/21/2014
Location: Garden Valley, CA
Shape: Disk
Duration:15 seconds
06-1968 Late evening, forested foothill road, saucer 100 ft above car 3 witnesses, no recall for 8 years.

My wife and I had picked up a friend, who lived a mile to the south, possibly an hour prior to the sighting. The three of us went to visit a married couple maybe 7 or 8 miles away from where my wife and I lived off Highway 49, 4 miles south of Georgetown, CA.

When we got to the couple's small secluded house up a long driveway, we discovered only the woman was home; her husband was in the Bay Area on business. We evidently chatted for awhile. I recall looking at their posters fastened to the wall and I was admiring how flat and perfectly displayed they were.

The 3 of us left the couple's house, at the approximate time listed above, exited their driveway and began returning to Garden Valley. Evidently we were at the intersection of Highway 49 and Garden Valley Green Valley Road.

The sky lit up. I recall all heads (3) in immediate unison and perfectly coordinated lock onto the saucer (I was driving). The trees were all lit up, the craft was above us slightly in front, visible through the windshield and off to the driver's side of the vehicle (a 59 Chevrolet Impala). My thought were "I could hit that with a rock."

It began to move slowly from its forward position toward the rear of the vehicle. I stuck my head out the driver's side window and watch it cruise overhead keeping its same altitude. There was an inner ring with windows lighting up individually from left to right.

I kept my head out of the vehicle and followed the craft until it arrived beyond the rear of the car. It disappeared as if a light switch had been flipped.

I remembered nothing. It wasn't until 1978, probably, that the I began to remember the sighting. By that time my wife and I had divorced and I was estranged from our daughter. I was living then, in the Bay Area.

I had occasion to visit, with a friend from my work, friends of his. They were watching television, a program I had never seen, Battle Star Galactica. I could not watch, I panicked, I had to leave, get outside into the fresh air and! away from that program.

Fragments of the disk encounter began to quickly on occasion flash into consciousness over the following months. In 1981 (?) I had moved back to my home town and the town where my ex-wife now lived also. It came to pass that my ex wife, also recently separated from her second marriage, drove to Lake Tahoe California for an overnight at my new employer's cabin. There were four of us in my car, the ex, her son by marriage number 2, and our daughter. My daughter asks in route, "Dad have you ever seen a flying saucer?" I ask my ex wife, "Have you ever seen a flying saucer.? She replies, "You ought to know." That was the end of the discussion evidently on that road trip.

It has been difficult to remember to ask her what she remembers. I did ask her, "Who was the 3rd person in the car with us." She said who she thought it was. A couple of years later I asked, "Why didn't we drive off the road and crash?" She said, "We were stopped."

The fact that we stopped was in my report but I needed to ask, years later, I remembered zip. I have yet to ask her when she began to recall the sighting. The memory was evidently erased yet we were 'allowed' to recall the pass over. At least that is all I can recall.

I did go under hypnosis, maybe 1984/5. The psychologist asked me while under hypnosis what did I see. "I see us on the ground." 3 standing by the car. Then I said "I see dead people in the dark."

You just said on the Jeff Rense Show 02-14-14, why doesn't anyone who has been directly underneath a saucer report in even if its 8 decades. At your service. The event under the craft gets your memory wiped, at least in our too close for comfort encounter.

Don't get me wrong I consider myself exalted by this unique experience.