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Occurred : 2/9/2014 03:33 (Entered as : 020914 3:33)
Reported: 2/9/2014 4:02:02 AM 04:02
Posted: 2/14/2014
Location: Surrey (Canada), BC
Shape: Chevron
Duration:all night
Multiple times I have made object in sky move towards me by flashing my phone flash light at it.

This thing is attracted to cell phones and flash lights if I shine the flashlight at it and move it in a swinging motion forwards and back wards up and down side to side it comes forward and moves in a simaler motion quite quickly. I first noticed it about 2 yrs ago. There is another one always in the distance that flashes possible 3 different color lights but moves simaler. The prominent one that moves very very smooth but fast is extremely bright and seems like it may have a number of lights but three for sure that give of a upward,pointed triangular hue or glow. Pls can some one concern this.

Also in the wee hr's closer to daylight I've been a witness to on three separate occasions all times with someone else present who as well seen it this thing has just taken off moving like a satelite but too close to be one in a straight semi fast slower than a satilite moves and leavs towards chillawack mountains each time like a floating white ball. Also one even! ing about 1 or 2 am i was playing my light game with it flashing my ph and i herd this extremly loud bang or idont know how to quite discribe it but just as i herd this noise a large rectangle shape shot out of the sky from very close by this thing and looked very much like what happens when u microwave a electronic device bright flases of greens,oranges, & yellowish color almost neonish. And it shot out of the sky incredibly fast only visible for a guick second with a bang type noise as it emerged and a clangy thumpy zoom.heading on a very steep angel downwards. Then bang and right following Its dissapearence a house alarm went off. It was the neatist thing I've ever witnessd. But quite scary as well. Also on two separate ocassions I have been in some strange cylinder type dome. Once in the presence of a friend and once on the pH with that same friend. If you can imagine feeling totally fine vision body and mind and suddenly while still feeling OK the whole duration of th! is experience you are surrounded by a which I try to explain :! Imagine you were to take many stings of led lights the type that are incased like a hose and make a tube out of them place yourself inside of that tube now totally surrounding u is many Lights all white and each row is spinning but First row spinning clockwise next row spinning counter clockwise. And they are almost liquidy looking position like a tube(hula hoop) not a tunnel u would walk or drive threw. Any ways that is a very strange and bazaar experence unlike any drug I have ever tried. And i was totally 100% not under the influence of any mind altering or mood altering drugs or meds during any of these experiences can someone please communicate with me about any of this data.