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Occurred : 10/19/2013 18:00 (Entered as : 10/19/13 18:00)
Reported: 1/16/2014 10:47:59 PM 22:47
Posted: 1/24/2014
Location: Brownsville, OR
Shape: Disk
Duration:4-6 minutes
19-Oct-13 Brownsville Oregon on Kirk Ave. in a large clearcut.

On the above date at 1810hrs., (give a min.or 2) On a sunny warm evening with clear skies no smog smudging the sky North East of Brownsville, Or., on a road called Kirk Ave. We were in a clear cut no overhead obstruction for line of sight. We were hunting. Witness 1 asked me (W2) if he was looking at the "evening star." I replied no it is to early after I looked to the SW evening sky. He stated "no over here" and pointed to the NE direction. I looked and explained I was looking at a jet which was climbing to the south from Portland, Or. I asked if he was stupid for asking about a jetliner and W1 responded no over there! I looked in the direction he was pointing and noticed another jet passing under a blinding bright evening star looking object. I was stunned to see a jet descending directly under the object. From where I was standing the UFO was directly on top of my position of observation. The distance from myself and jetliners was I would! say 30k in feet give or take a few feet. The UFO was higher than that and I can only guess the distance from the aircraft flying right below it. I am saying all object had to be in the 60k feet range, guessing at best. I told W1 to "grab glass" and as I glassed the object with my binos I could not dial in a clear sighting. I remembered my Bushnell spotting scope 16x32x50 and was able to dial in a fuzzy disk which I could tell why it was sparkling by the sun as it was wobbling. As I dialed the spotting scope in tighter I was able see an irregular geometric shape on the bottom of the disk as if it was an exhaust port. I passed off the scope to W1 and he looked and confirmed my sighting, turned called out that's it I am calling it is a UFO and I responded with nope IFO. I asked W1 to fire up his camera and by the time we did that the saucer was no where to be seen. This the second time this year I have seen bright shiny stars in the late afternoon/early evening and ! the first sighting was March and I did not have a chance to id! entify t hat one. This is the 3rd sighting for people residing in my home in 2013. Willamette Valley is hot this year! What I am wondering is I know that if I was standing almost directly below and the airliners were right underneath as they passed the saucer could the pilots help but not see the craft. There was no indication that they deviated off there flight path but flew right under the saucer both ways. I am sure both jets were outbound and inbound Portland Or. After listening to Ground Zero recently I decided I better check in and report.