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Occurred : 1/1/2014 00:05 (Entered as : 01/01/14 00:05)
Reported: 1/2/2014 10:26:13 PM 22:26
Posted: 1/10/2014
Location: Spokane Valley, WA
Shape: Formation
Duration:10 minutes
21 Craft with bright red lights flying as a squadron in Spokane Valley

At 00:05 on 01-01-2014, 5 minutes after midnight, I went out on my front porch to see any New Year's Day fireworks that were still going off. My porch faces due south and the residence is at the far southeastern end of the Spokane Valley, about 10 miles from the Idaho border and 4 miles west of the small community of Liberty Lake.

My home is located in a small cluster of houses elevated about 400 ft. above the valley floor and this cluster of houses is the last inhabited property with paved streets and street lamps. All the land to the south is tree-covered, sparsely inhabited hills.

It was 32 degrees out and it had rained in the morning so there was a high, light fog/haze in the night sky where if I looked towards the horizon, the haze looked whiter and thicker than when I looked up, but even though the sky was much blacker straight overhead, no stars were visible.

Some fireworks were still going off but there were no nearby Roman candles or star-bursts showing up above the treetops. Then as I stood there looking around, a bright, solid red light came into view from behind a hilltop coming from the South, horizontal to the ground, just under the fog level.

At first I thought it was an incoming airliner, as under certain weather conditions, airliners often approach the Spokane International Airport by making a low circle around this end of the valley to make their approach. And, the craft was traveling about the same speed as an incoming jetliner and at the same altitude.

But, as the craft came nearer, I realized the red light was too big and bright to be on a jetliner and there was no green light on the other side of the "plane" nor any white lights on. The size and brightness of the red light would have to have been the equivalent of every light on the bottom of a jetliner being changed to red lights all on at the same time, creating the impression of one large light.

I could not see any shape to the craft and the size of the light seemed to encompass the entire bottom of the craft as I could not see any bigger extension of the ship outside the circumference of the light. What I was seeing definitely was not a "fireball" or other "natural" phenomenon - it was a huge red light on the underside of a flying craft.

Just as I was trying to figure out what kind of craft it was as it got closer, another identical red light appeared from behind the hill right behind the first light, and then a third red light approached at the same interval as the second one was to the first one.

Now all three bright red lights were strung out just under the fog, equidistant apart, flying at a relatively slow, steady speed and coming straight towards me. By now I knew these were not regular airliners and also, there was no engine sounds. Then another two red lights appeared together, much closer to each other and behind the first three.

By the time the pair of red lights appeared, the first craft seemed to stop right at the edge of the forested property, as if he didn't want to venture into the illuminated populated part of the valley. The point at which the craft stopped was about 3/4's mile from where I stood. This first craft started fading from view into the haze right above where he had stopped his approach.

From what I saw, he had flown in under the fog horizontal to the ground, reached a certain point beyond which he was not going to travel and instantly switched to rising straight up into the sky, at a 90 degrees angle from where he previously had been traveling.

Then the second craft did the same thing at the same exact location, and then the third craft, too, as if they had reached an invisible wall. I got brief glimpses of the red lights as they faded into the fog, so it wasn't as though the craft just disappeared.

As the first three ships ascended into the fog, more identical craft were appearing at the same altitude and speed from behind the hill in the same close-knit but random fashion until I counted 21 craft in all. And, as each reached the "invisible wall", it rose into the fog the same way the first craft had done.

After the last ship of this group faded upward into the fog, I waited a few minutes more to see if something else was going to appear. When nothing more happened, I ventured down the front sidewalk towards the street to get a better view of the night sky and saw a single identical "red light" craft due West a couple of miles away but still at the same altitude. I watched it for a few minutes, but I could't tell if he was moving at all, or if towards me or away from me.

No other craft appeared around him and I couldn't tell if he was one of the original 21 ships I had seen or if he was ship # 22. The whole episode lasted about 10 minutes and since I was getting quite cold, I went indoors even though the craft in the West was still visible. This was my very first UFO sighting and until I saw your word choices for "Shape of Craft", the word that came to my mind was a "squadron" of craft.

I am in my mid-60's, retired from a lifetime of being self-employed in small business with my husband, married for 42 years and a college graduate.

I was halfway through typing up this report to you when I turned on Wednesday's Coast to Coast and heard your January 1st report to George Noory about all the red lights and fireballs people were reporting. I have listened to Coast to Coast for over 25 years, and still remember Art Bell's first broadcast of "Mel's Hole".

Thanks for the work you and Coast to Coast do to monitor and let us know what is really going on in our world.

My hat's off to you.

Happy New Year!