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Occurred : 3/2/2011 21:00 (Entered as : 03/02/11 21:00)
Reported: 12/28/2013 11:43:23 AM 11:43
Posted: 1/10/2014
Location: Echo, TX
Shape: Chevron
Man Escapes Alien Abduction With Photo,s to Prove It

I was working nights and dispatched to a load of crude oil in rural Coleman County. Upon arriving at the lease I saw lights moving about the tree's. I took several photo's and video. Then the lights began moving at me. I was concerned but figured I would discover it was something explainable. That was not the case. As it got closer I could see parts of the craft. The top looked like a disk with a compartment underneath it. It was absolutely silent. It was within 50 yards of me. I knew if it was a helicopter I could have heard the blades chopping through the wind. I looked up and saw the disk shaped edge of the craft about to move over my head. I had a gut feeling it was time to hide. I came off the catwalk on the tank battery and hid behind a separator after I shut the tank valves to stop the loading process. A white light came on inside a compartment under the disk. There were objects in the light but no movement. There was a red glow next to the compartment. Like red taffy stretching out like it was being vented but had the appearance of light. I snapped a picture with my cellphone and it occurred to me I may have to throw my phone if something comes for me. I was relieved when the craft backed away. There was the sound of an approaching jet. A F-16 looking jet passed right above my head. The craft went dark before it reached its location. The jet circled back and left the area. I could still see the jet lights when the object reappeared over the tree's. There was a series of 4 light clusters circling my location. One of the lights appeared from the North and was going to pass right over me. I knew my camera memory was getting full. What looked like a flickering airplane light revealed it was something hot reacting to the air moving across it. There was something big coming out of a steam or fog. It was massive and looked like rock. I believed it was a giant meteor. I watched as a wall of solid rock passed over my head. I coul! d feel the air getting hotter. It looked like it was at least ! 300 yard s wide and much longer. I believed there it would impact the ground a few miles past me. As it passed over I could see what looked like impact craters. Then I saw what appeared to be a large tube. Then I saw another one. The whole thing slowed and banked upward to the east. It slowed to an almost stop and then took off at a 90 degree angle to the west. It accelerated so fast it made what looked like twin vortex's underneath it. I thought I might not get the opportunity for a shot. I struggled to find this huge thing in my view screen. I finally just pointed the cameras eye at the thing and hope for the best. Luckily the craft banked back to the east and was coming straight back at me. This time I could see the top side of it. It had many light sources and building structures and even huge flares burning brightly. The area the most light up was well above the crafts surface. I could not tell if was on a tower or simply hovering above the crafts surface. There were glowing blu! e power lines strung across the surface. I was getting frightened again it was coming at me. It slowed and went to the south of me without banking this time. It circled to the south of me and exited to the North on the east side of me. As it climbed in altitude I could see the 4 light cluster I had noticed before its pass. I finished my loading process. I told my friends and family about what I saw. I was leaving the location with my eyes glued to the sky. My camera memory was full.1 mile down hwy 206. I could see a light above a rural home. It was just sitting there not moving. I was concerned for the folks living in the home. I stopped my truck. I shined my spot light at the craft. It was too far away to see the crafts shape. The craft started moving slowly. The bottom of the craft was a triangle shape with lights embedded in the triangle framing. The inside of the triangle was visible. It looked like the inside of the hood of a sports car. Interlaced tubing and turbo ducting. It looked very elegant and high tech. It drifted off a ways then the lights could not be seen anymore. I wanted to drive my truck to the house to check on the people but could not get my truck into there driveway. I talked to the people later and they knew nothing of the events of that night or had seen anything strange. They said they would look for landing signs in there fields. The images of this event are not high resolution but nothing short of amazing. The video of the large craft has yielding still frame images that can not be explained. We have identified alien architecture, creatures, buildings, and believe there is a refining process going on with unwanted products being burned off through flaring. We have identified star field backgrounds of the craft that give it an enormous size and prove it was in the area spotted in the night in question and of a clarity level for that area, location, and time. We seek the radar imagery for this amazing discovery. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated. We will provide video and! still frame images of this event. Thank You.