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Occurred : 10/30/2013 14:00 (Entered as : 10/30/2013 14:00)
Reported: 11/2/2013 5:14:28 PM 17:14
Posted: 11/11/2013
Location: St. Paul, MN
Shape: Unknown
i actually got photos that i never seen with my naked eye but somehow captue with my camera

I was leaving a property in St.Paul Mn, i'm a sub-contractor that inspects and do light maintenance on forclosed homes in the metro area of Minneapolis/St.Paul Mn, so daily i drive around inspecting properties and i have to take photos and have the camera set to where it shows the date and and time i was at the property,that way i get paid.

So this past Wednesday on Oct 30, 2013, around 2pm i was leaving close to downtown St.Paul it was a nice day clear skys everyone was out enjoying the weather the past few days has been pretty chilly so everyone was enjoying the afternoon sun. Well i come to a stop light trying to beat the rush hour traffic and i look up and see two huge eagles gliding above, just going in a circle and flying to me kind of low,like they was about to swoop down on a prey. My first thought was they was flying pretty low and i was concern maybe someone had a small pet out and that what they had there eyes on. So i decided to take some photos, a friend of mine mention last week while we was talking on the phone i seen a eagle and he said that i always see eagles, so i thought it be a good ideal to take a few photos to show him the next time i see him. While i waiting for the light to change i took five photos trying to get the best angle caused the eagles are going in the same circle so i wanted to make sure i got a photo of them. So i leave St. Paul head home and go to the library downloaded my work on my laptop of the properties i done for the day. Once i completed downloading my photos i kind of went over the photos of the eagles i didn't think i got good photos. I left the library went to the gym left the gym went to Caribou coffee so i took out my camera start deleting all the photos i took that day and when i got to the photos of the eagles i kept them and pulled them up to get a better view and i notice in one the photos with the eagles in it,there a object by the eagle a circle of lights my first raction was, what ((words deleted)) is that i looked at it a few times and new it was something there so i remember i had the photos on my laptop and put in the back of my mind that when i had the time i was going to look at the photos again on my laptop that way i could enlarge the photos to see better what it was.On Thursday Oct 31,13 i moved into my new place get situated sitting down relaxing get my laptop out pulled up the photos and there it is but i got two good photos clear as day i got one photo of a object by itself and i got another photo with the eagles in it where one is flying high above close to these circle of lights and the other eagle is flying low and not quite sure what it is but next to the eagle flying low look like another ball of light but it so close to the eagle that can't distinquish if it part of the eagle or not.I get excited know i see something there and can't believe that i capture what ever it is on camera and the clarity of the photos it look like i was actually trying to capture this object when in truth with my naked eye the only thing i seen! was the eagles and that the only reason i took the photos to show my friend.I took my laptop down stairs i had to show someone,i showed my building manager i mention to him what i do for a living and explained to him why i took the photos he looked at them kind of startle another client walked in the office and he the manager mention to the client that i was trying to convince him that there are U.F.O. i said i'm not trying to convince you of anything i'm just showing you what my camera caught,i did'nt see anything,i showed the photos to the other guy and he said he see it too and once again i said i'm not saying its anything i'm just as curious to know what it is too.I come back upstairs call my friend the one that was the reason i took the photos in the first place he live about five minutes from me.told him he come over we go over the photos and shock at what he see this doesn't look like no sauser or nothing we seen on television. We talked about it looked at every possibility what could it be maybe we thought it could be my camera and th e angle off the reflection of the window but when it enhance it clearly a object there in the sky and it very detailed.I start refecting on when i first took the photos at the stop light and thinking why was the eagles flying so low and why was they together to grown eagles.I'm not a expert on eagles and i'm kind of use to seeing them in the area i live in but i never seen to huge ones together and also i remember thinking how unsual was it to see two big eagles flying low in a urban area near downtown on a busy afternoon and didn't anybody else see this and why was the eagles going in the same circle,that what i remember thinking at that time and now when i look at the photos in my mind it kind of make sense why the eagles was behaving like that.I figured they sensed something in the area and when you see the photos they kind of show that because in one photo both the eagles are exactly where the lights are,well from the angle that what it appear to be.I showned the photos ! to several people and everyone reaction is the same some say its a ufo a couple of guys at first said it was my camera lense and the way i was angling the camera to be honest i don't know what it is and the only way to be sure is first to take the photos to a expert where they have the technology to validate them.And let me say i surely wouldn't be wasting my time or yours if i didn't believe that by accident my camera capture something and it clearly shows a object in two photos to midday rush hour.I do have photos but is reluctant to turn them over to just anybody thinking about going to a local t.v station or newspaper to show them or even the authorities i'm about 99% sure i capture a object and the more you look at it it very detail and i'm sure i got actual rare photos of a un made man object.

((NUFORC Note: The party who submitted the report elects to remain totally anonymous, and provides no contact information, so we are unable to contact the witness. PD))