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Occurred : 10/25/2013 22:30 (Entered as : 10/25/13 22:30)
Reported: 10/29/2013 4:10:41 PM 16:10
Posted: 11/11/2013
Location: Seaside Park, NJ
Shape: Cross
Duration:30 seconds
Additional Info for the Friday Oct. 25th 10:30PM Sighting of 2 UFOs in Seaside Park NJ off the Ocean front

Add this to my previous report. The crafts must have been USA airplanes or from earth since both had a red light on top. Odd thing is that they were totally silent even though 500 feet above ground and about the width of 2 city blocks away traveling fast. Since they were heading toward me could explain that I could only see bright lights. This could have been their head lights. However, why would anyone trying to conceal their identity travel with all lights on and a red light on top ? Also the next morning the beach coastline had fishermen and their SUVs all side by side in front of my house. Fish run in August I thought even though some people have told me that the fish run in late October. That night I saw a shooting star that headed in the direction of where those 2 UFOs came from. So another ship may have joined them or was trying to hook up with them. I read another report that someone else further down the Barrier Island where I saw this als! o saw a UFO 2 nights earlier. I think someone should check Island Beach to see if any ships landed there. Probably too difficult since it is all bush or brush and sand which the wind and ocean could easily cover the landing marks. There is also many marsh areas to easily cover landing marks. My hunch is that there crafts were from Earth, However, the unanswered question is why them did the 2 crafts travel so fast so low and so silently ? No sound at all and there was barely any breeze that night to prevent the sound from traveling to me.