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Occurred : 10/26/2013 20:15 (Entered as : 10/26/13 20:15)
Reported: 10/27/2013 9:31:59 AM 09:31
Posted: 11/11/2013
Location: Savage, MN
Shape: Triangle
Duration:2 minutes
Triangular object, able to zig-zag in-flight without changing object orientation; emitted a beam and disappeared.

Observer 1: Corporate exec, no previous sightings; very familiar with the night sky in Savage; used to seeing planes and helicopters in the airspace above the house; not prone to hysteria.

Observer 2: Healthcare professional, no previous sightings.

Observer 3: Daughter of observer 2, currently attending cosmetology school.

I was standing on my deck last night (facing south), talking with a friend. I happened to look to the west, and a moving light caught my eye. It was approximately at a 75% angle from my position, moving ESE. I watched it for several seconds, arcing across the sky. It was moving fairly quickly, but clearly wasn't a plane. I thought it might be a satellite, but then I realized this was definitely much lower than others I've seen.

I pointed it out to my friend, asking her what she thought it was. She suggested satellite as we watched the object continuing to cross the sky. Suddenly, the object zig-zagged several times. I said, "Did that just zig-zag?" My friend concurred.

As the object continued toward the east, it appeared to be descending enough so that we could now see a little detail (versus a bright white light). The object was clearly triangular in shape. We asked her daughter to join us on the deck and she observed the object with us until the end of the sighting.

The object zig-zagged again and then suddenly just stopped. At that point, we were flabbergasted. None of us have ever seen anything like this. The object then appeared to shoot a beam of some kind toward the south - but it was short, seemed controlled. As soon as it stopped emitting the light, it began moving east again, heading toward some cloud cover. Before it ever got there, it just suddenly disappeared.

We went out several times after this to see if there was anything else out there, but have seen nothing.