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Occurred : 10/23/2013 05:45 (Entered as : 10/23/13 5:45)
Reported: 10/28/2013 8:16:21 AM 08:16
Posted: 11/11/2013
Location: Milford, NH
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5 minutes
bright light in the distance, got closer large hovering craft with no noise above rt. 101

We where heading west on 101A around 5:45AM on the way to our job sight and we saw a bright white light above the trees to the south. As we approached the underpass to rt. 101 we were able to see the craft hovering above the 101 where we were about to get on.

We waited at a red light and I rolled down my window thinking it might be an airplane but there was no noise at all and it was completely still in the air.

We watched it for about 30 seconds as we waited. Right as we were about to get on the highway to get a better view the craft quickly moved away from us heading east down 101A and disappeared. It had at least 3 solid white lights and some flashing white lights too.