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Occurred : 10/23/2013 22:30 (Entered as : 10/23/13 22:30)
Reported: 10/24/2013 12:53:23 PM 12:53
Posted: 11/11/2013
Location: Hermitage, TN
Shape: Light
Duration:3-4 minutes
Red pulsating light "bouncing" while ascending over Nashville area

On the night of the 23rd of October, 2013, I had just parked my car in the parking lot of my apartment complex. I was walking from my car to my first floor apartment. While walking, tired from work and my thoughts strictly on getting home to catch the end of game 1 of the World Series, something else caught my attention. While looking southwest (referenced by the interstate 40 West running parallel to the direction I was facing), I noticed a red light with a very unusual flashing pattern through the trees outlining the apartment complex. As the light cleared the outline of the trees, ascending upwards and northeast towards where I was standing, the maneuvering alerted my attention. The object was bouncing/sliding from left to right, while sometimes descending only to ascend again.

I immediately called my girlfriend, who lives with me, to come outside and to bring her phone. I started recording a video on my iPhone 5 but still viewing the object visually, not through my phone. The object was still continuing its unusual flight pattern while ascending and flying closer to my location, improving the visual of the object. As my girlfriend was walking towards me, I notice the light starting to blur as to dissipate into the low-lying cloud cover. As my girlfriend tries to locate the object, the objects light disappears, not fade like it would if flying into a cloud. I immediately get frustrated due to my girlfriend's inability to locate the object, leaving me to be the only witness.

After sleeping on the incident and replaying the video repeatedly on my phone, there are things that stand out to me personally that might validate the UFO title.

First, after my girlfriend could not locate the object and I get frustrated while still recording the video on my phone, she states she sees a plane. I remember viewing the plane immediately and the object was in surprisingly close distance to the plane from the point the object vanished.

Second, while I'm a believer in the paranormal and I do watch the skies for anything unusual, I had already worked a lot of hours at work and my only focus was getting back into my apartment to finish watching the game. My mind consciously wasn't looking for anything out of the ordinary. The light just happened to catch my eye. Lastly, after the object vanished, I stood in the same spot for an additional 6-8 minutes looking for the object to clear out the other side of the cloud. Judging from the angle and line of direction the ob! ject was traveling, it should have appeared out the end of the cloud if it was a plane. This never happened.

As I walked inside and discussed it with my girlfriend, it became clear that what I described was not ordinary. The fact that a plane flew by at a relatively low level was a good reference point for me to also conclude this object wasn't any plane I've seen.

Living only an exit away from the Nashville airport, I've seen hundreds of planes at almost every hour of the day. I've seen just about every light pattern that flashes from commercial planes and with my previous four year enlistment in the Air Force in Air Transportation, I have seen just about everything you can think when it comes to descriptions of planes and flight paths. This doesn't fit anything I have ever encountered or seen. I am hoping that someone else witnessed this so I have some kind of relevance to this event instead of a lonely encounter.