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Occurred : 10/15/2013 20:35 (Entered as : 10/15/13 20:35)
Reported: 10/21/2013 9:28:08 PM 21:28
Posted: 10/23/2013
Location: Reseda, CA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:<0.5 second
Green laser ball spontaneously appears at elevation of low-flying airplane, then almost zips away into black sky

I was leaving my cousin's house and having a few last minutes in conversation with her on the porch. I was looking at her face as we talked, and out of the corner of my eye I noticed something that captured my attention. I reflexively and immediately shifted my gaze towards it, and I saw a bluish-green sphere of intense laser-like light, which must have appeared out of nowhere (because it was so bright that, had it been there before, I definitely would have noticed). It was at an elevation of a low-flying helicopter, or an airplane that hasn't completed even the initial leg of its post-takeoff ascent. Its bluish-green was similar in color neither to that of any falling star nor that of any comet I've ever seen.

My knee-jerk reaction was to blurt out "Whoa!", but it had disappeared even before I had finished the exclamation. By "it had disappeared," I mean I saw it zip away in a short streak of its intense bluish-green light, at a speed exponentially faster than any aircraft (commercial, recreational, military, or otherwise) I've ever seen. The laser light ball jetted from its stationary position like a Star Wars spaceship "jumping to light speed" or "entering hyperspace;" after an unbelievably quick (in time) and short (in distance) dart, it literally looked like it "teleported" into the blackness of the sky, but on a very straight trajectory.

Unfortunately, only I saw this and not my cousin, who was with me but facing the wrong way. The next day at work, the industrial photocopy machine I have used daily for the past three years inexplicably shut itself off twice when I touched it, which I cannot recall it otherwise ever doing in the past three years I've worked with it. (The office tech guys denied remotely rebooting it, and I have no reason to disbelieve them, especially since they were unaware of my sighting the previous night, the knowledge of which may have made them prone to playing such a prank on me.)