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Occurred : 10/20/2013 21:00 (Entered as : 10/20/2013 21:00)
Reported: 10/21/2013 8:13:35 AM 08:13
Posted: 10/23/2013
Location: Manassas, VA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:1 hour
Huge up close triangular craft

I was by taco bell on Liberia avenue on 28 we where sitting in the home depot parking lot eating. I looked over and saw a huge white light. I looked at my husband and said hey look at that light in the sky. We watched it for a while it did nothing. Then we looked around and all the sudden saw like ten or more flashing red, purple, blue lights all circular. Then they stopped we looked back at the huge white light a little while later and saw another huge white light coming towards that one. I said look at that again now there is two. We where looking at it and it started moving then we started following it in the sky in our car.

It slowly hovered back down 28 and right over lomond drive to that seven eleven up the street from guapos. As we where going down lomond drive we saw it horizontal in the sky. Then we kept driving down the road and saw it hovering over the seven eleven probably about 200 feet in the air. We saw a huge triangular craft in the sky with red white and green lights. Circular and long lights on the under body of the craft. It looked like a bunch of little fans there was no sound and we saw a little lump at the top. Like where someone would be flying the craft.

Then i was yelling out the window and pointing at it and after i looked at it hovered to the right and then back and back and back we tried to follow it to see where it went but we could not find it. I think it landed. I am not kidding. I have never seen anything like this in my entire life my husband has not either.

It was not far up in the sky i would say it was a close encounter. Anyone else who has seen it that night at the seven eleven please post and tell us what you saw.