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Occurred : 10/17/2013 20:26 (Entered as : 10/17/13 20:26)
Reported: 10/17/2013 6:11:41 PM 18:11
Posted: 10/23/2013
Location: Holgate (LBI), NJ
Shape: Circle
Duration:<1 minute
Long Orange Cigar Shape with two smaller circular Orb shapes that appeared and disappeared fast over the water.

I was on the beach with my daughter and son fishing around 8:30 PM. Moon shining on water with broken clouds.

All of a sudden, I looked up and I thought at first it was a large carrier jet but it was glowing orange like a cigar shape then that just disappeared and then 2 smaller orb circular type lights appeared in erratic movements to the left of where the big one was. Then they turned and were gone.

The large one showed up again and the lights were pulsing and it did a tilting motion and again disappeared.

The kids screamed and ran up to the house to get my wife. I was curious and stayed for about 5 minutes but they never appeared again. So freaky!