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Occurred : 6/24/1978 01:00 (Entered as : 06/24/1978 1:00)
Reported: 10/15/2013 7:59:16 AM 07:59
Posted: 10/23/2013
Location: Gulfport, MS
Shape: Other
Duration:5-10 minutes
Orb of light enters body, awake temporarily paralyzed, followed by prophetic visions and drawings

The evening before my very first 1st incident was on the roof of my grandparents’ home playing with a ham radio and a variety of wires and electrical devices I had collected; which, included a working, portable black and white television. I would often speak on the radio pretending to be a space captain traveling the universe searching for life forms to form a galactic community. The night became quite dark and I eventually crawled in through my bedroom window and went to sleep. I awoke later that night at 1:00 am and looked at my clock to see what time it was and quickly noticed a light growing brighter outside my window. I could see a glowing orb of light outside the window before the foot of my bed, from the East.

At first I thought it might have been my grandfather; but, I knew my window was too high from the ground to be able to see that.

I cleared my eyes and was able to see beyond the windows that this light was moving closer to the window and noticed that the air (the space) within my room appeared to increasingly ripple in place as this orb passed through the wall and stopped before the foot of my bed. Sitting up in my bed I could see the rippling space move closer to my body and enter, passing through me. At that moment I felt very week, and I passed out.

The following morning I awoke to find myself paralyzed and was not until nearly an hour was I able to move and slowly crawl down the hallway to the living room and climbed up on the couch. I was not sure what had happened, thinking I might be sick. I was supposed to have a sleep over at a friend’s house that night and decided not to tell my mother what happened. Later, as I was spending the night at my friend’s house I began to draw/color with crayons, pictures of what I thought the future would be like. My friend was very into a particular science fiction film and had nearly all of the figurine toys of the movie characters and play sets. I then began to draw pictur! es of the future films that were to come, explaining how certa! in characters would do things and new creatures we both had never seen. He disbelieved me of course; but, several years later I see the next two releases of this film and everything I drew came true. Creative coincidence or did the incident the prior night have anything to do with it? I have had many more experiences since that night over the past 30 years. Something happened; but, not sure if it was an alien, time traveler, spiritual experience or just sleep paralysis as I have often been told. If I could ever find that boy from 1978 I am sure he would remember that night and recall his own account of the drawings and story I had told him that night.