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Occurred : 10/5/2013 04:00 (Entered as : 10/05/13 4:00)
Reported: 10/8/2013 8:38:11 PM 20:38
Posted: 10/14/2013
Location: Pinetops, NC
Shape: Unknown
Duration:15 minutes
Really strange noises heard.

Well every night at about 10 me and my girlfriend decide to go outside. I am a very big believer in UFO's because I have seen plenty of things in the sky I can't quite say what they were.

Well anyways on this particular night It's hot inside so we step outside for a minute. We sit down on the front porch, and just look up at the sky. Well about 3 minutes after we sit down a strange noise appears. It sounded like something hovering over the treeline in front of us. We couldn't see anything though so we thought it may have been a helicopter. Well seconds later another REALLY strange noise appears. In the field in front of us it sounds like a laser beam off of a tv sci-fi show, and the neighbors dogs were barking constantly.. Then we hear something sound like it's running across the field.. as well as a big thud like something hit the dog house. I still can't figure out to this day what it was. The next day her brother said he woke up because of his dog barking! at 4 a.m. and when he walked outside he heard that hovering noise as well.