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Occurred : 6/15/2012 21:00 (Entered as : 6/15/12 21:00)
Reported: 10/6/2013 5:35:18 PM 17:35
Posted: 10/14/2013
Location: Huntington, NY
Shape: Light
Duration:1-2 years
Strange lights in the sky that move and follow me, and weird experiences.

This is (possible abductions story and) UFO sightings.

My background: I was born in Phoenix Arizona, went to a performing arts high school. I did well there and graduated. My family moved to Huntington Station, NY. Now we live in Huntington, NY. I still live with my parents and I’m 21 going to college.

I’ve lost track but I have been seeing weird lights in the sky at night (not every night) that move on their own will, and sometimes to my will, which sometimes flash with a sort of personality or speaking manner for a year and a half to two years now since after these experiences: I thought I might have been in danger because I couldn’t sleep for three days in a row because I was shaking or my bed shook every time I was about to fall asleep and so I then went to the hospital. The doctor told me I was hallucinating. I sought psychiatric help and was put on anti-psychotics because they thought I had shizo-affective disorder. I’ve been on medications for over a year and a half now and none of the medications I was put on or am on now helped in any way so that helps prove that I wasn’t hallucinating. I have no family history of schizophrenia or schizo-affective disorder although I do have a family history of paranormal activity. None of which were thought to be with aliens (tha! t I know of,) but a few times when I was younger I realized that I had scars on my skin that seemed to have been a healing from cut (which they mysteriously disappeared later on.) I even showed my mother them and I had no explanation for where they came from or how it happened.

On this one day I was listening to my first iPod touch on shuffle. The songs would very often come up relevant to what I was doing or thinking at that moment. The same songs even began to play over and over again which is odd for a 1,500 song playlist (the device was not on repeat mode.) Later at night I came home and started looking up the lyrics to the songs I was listening to at that moment because I thought I was being communicated to from a higher being. After hours of listening and reading it seemed the lyrics were being changed on the websites. I eventually felt changes and weird sensations going on in my head, and after about 6-10 hours of this, with occasional breaks, I was dyslexic and felt an emotional void of darkness (I was not on - or had been on - any drugs.) Sometimes between the songs I would hear a weird clicking sound or noises that didn’t happen before. In the morning I went downstairs and then threw up in the trash can because of how sick it made me. The next song had written in the lyrics, “Wow really you threw up?” A song or two later it told me to kill myself in which I was about to but didn’t. I later looked up the same lyrics and none of the edits were there. Just to clarify I didn’t have that episode of insomnia until maybe a month after this.

Later that week I was up in my room when it sounded like cabinets downstairs were opening and closing. As I was going down the stairs it stopped. Another day that week I was lying down and I heard this strange hovering-like sound. It sounded like it was right above my house. On a different day I was in my room looking outside the window hoping to see this light I thought might be a UFO. I saw it and then got bored. Later I was not looking at my window and my room lit up with this passing green light. After I went to the hospital I was sent to an inpatient hospital to be watched. During the middle of my stay there I was looking out the window to see if the UFO was there. It was and the whole time I was watching it it was getting closer and until it was just about to go over my head to where I couldn’t see it it kind of sparkled a whole bunch on the bottom of the craft with orange lights. By that time I was hearing a cute girly voice that said, “what was that?” just as it flew! over my head displaying the lights.

For a while after the “mind screw” I was very sensitive to sounds and my jaw started moving on its own in ways I’m incapable of doing (before I was on medications so it wasn’t a side-effect from them.) Eventually the noises stopped, in which the noises where from my surroundings like tapping on the car window or tapping on my ceiling or crackling of which were in synchronicity with my thoughts, and I started to hear this voice which developed from what I thought it was. I still hear the voice and there was no difference of it being on the medications since. The voice definitely has a conscience of its own because it says words that I have never heard in my life or at least words that I might not have heard since I can remember. I hear this voice most of the day shortly after waking up to when I go to bed. Now the voice is loving and reassuring. It started happening again lately that I sometimes shake when I’m about to fall asleep but now I eventually am able to fall asleep and I can still feel my bed moving sometimes (just in a more evasive fashion.) Just to point out my friend saw the moving light in the sky once and acknowledged my claim. I’ve been told it’s just a satellite but I can’t agree because sometimes I see more than one at a time and it’s too often. Usually they’re orange and about the same size as a star, but stars don’t flicker rapidly, change color, and move.

Almost done… I see these strange a light in my room (when the lights have been turned off which is usually blue or white) or lights in the “forestry” behind my house sometimes at night which are yellow or red and may move as if in a swiping manner, and sometimes I see white lights when I close my eyes which are like sparks that linger and then sort of “shut.” Although I see lights behind my eyelids it doesn’t mean I don’t see them externally as well. Seeing them behind my eyelids are only recent and they don’t move unlike the ones I think are UFOs or whatever it is that’s in the “forestry.” The last note is that I have seen a large black eyeball on the ceiling of my room in the last house for a split second after I had shut my eyes for a brief moment. It then vanished.

All of this is experience. I knew nothing of extraterrestrials/extra-dimensional beings before any of this happened to me but only of the sci-fi stuff you see on television. None of what I have experienced is from those shows or movies of which I have seen. I did do research afterwards and found some common traits people shared with alien contact. There are many songs I have now found that share some similarities to my experiences and makes me believe in them even more. I should mention that my dogs would hide and be frightened at times, whining and barking at things when there wasn't anything going on, not even a storm or noises that we could hear. I apologize if this is a waste of your time..