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Occurred : 10/4/2013 21:50 (Entered as : 10/04/13 21:50)
Reported: 10/6/2013 7:17:54 PM 19:17
Posted: 10/14/2013
Location: Salem, OR
Shape: Triangle
Duration:15 minutes
Low flying star-like object transforms into shining golden triangle in Salem, OR

It was around 9:50pm (21:50) on Friday October 4, 2013 that my husband and I decided to go outside and observe the stars. It was a clear, cloudless, starry night perfect for observing the night sky.

We went out front to the driveway which is facing south, and began looking at the stars when my husband noticed a small bluish-white star-like light moving slowly and noiselessly SE. He alerted me to it and my mind automatically thought “it’s a plane,” but also that it was strange that it was flying so low, close to the dark outline of treetops behind the neighbor’s field.

It moved behind a tall tree and we couldn’t see it anymore, so we moved a small distance west up the street to try and see it but still was not able, so we walked east back down the street. It slowly came out to a clearing to the west of the tall tree making short, jumpy movements, like stop, go, stop, go, heading towards another outline of clustered trees.

It, still moving west, went behind those trees where we could not see, so again, we moved west trying to follow and a few seconds later, it flashed a bluish-white light through the trees at us and started moving back eastward past the trees and over the clearing (by this time we were running back east to follow it) toward the tall tree again, still making short, jumpy movements.

It went behind the tall tree again (we are now facing the tall tree) and that’s when I saw it flash its bluish-white light even brighter (almost flashlight-like) right through the tree at us!

It moved east of the tree slowly, staying really low to the treetops of the line of trees next to it. It stopped suddenly and hovered for a few seconds right over the treetops. Then, all of a sudden I see it drop straight downward below the treetops where I could not see. It disappeared for what seemed like a few minuets but every once in a while, I could see the bluish-white light peeking up around and through the treetops almost as if it was trying to play “peek-a-boo” with my husband and I, moving left a! nd right , up to the treetops and back down again, in a slow fashion. As it was doing this, I also noticed a small red light on the object’s left/east side that would sporadically blink, not in any fashion similar to our commercial aircraft. It then rose straight up over the treetops and began to change shape and colors changing from its original bluish-white light to blue to red and back to bluish-white light, its little left/east side red light flashing, it moved up, down, east, west in such unpredictable movements, going back westward toward the tall tree. It went behind the tall tree still changing color and shape and came out to the west of it into the clearing, and right next to the west of the tree made a diamond-like shape pattern going east, down, west, up, and back to its eastern starting point slowly turning into a big yellow-golden glowing triangular shaped star-like light object that slowly moved into the middle of the clearing growing bigger and brighter, hovering there right in front of us. While hovering, we got to better observe the object. Overall, it had a yellow-gold light. The shape of the object was triangular (point up) with a glowing golden light in the center. There were three golden triangular shaped lights shining from the two sides and bottom of the object. On the left/east side of the object, right underneath the glowing light, was the erratically flashing red light I saw from earlier. But its shape and size changed also. This time I saw that it had a big red light and right underneath that light was a smaller red light. Hovering there in the clearing, it glowed big and bright and constantly flashed its red lights at us. We were directly in front of it.

After hovering in the clearing for what seemed like minutes upon minuets, the object slightly turned facing its red lights right at us, and started moving westward again at a leisurely pace toward a large tree that it disappeared behind.

My husband and I ran westward back up! the street to see if we could see it again, but it was gone. It was 1 0:05pm (22:05) when the object left, making the duration of our experience around 15 minuets total.

The whole time my husband and I were exclaiming things like “Whoa!?!”, “What?!?”, “Wow!?!”, “Oh my gosh!?!” when it was star-like and making unpredictable movements and changing colors and speeds.

After it changed its shape and color to a triangular golden light object we still were exclaiming as described above, but then I heard my husband say (almost in a trance-like but still fully aware state) “It’s so beautiful!” to which I responded in a similar fashion “It’s angelic”. But when I heard my husband say that and after I responded to him, a feeling of emptiness and despair came over me. I felt like the object was something malicious trying to trick our minds. My husband seemed to experience a bodily reaction at the time of the sighting. He started shaking and breathing heavily and exclaiming. I was in such bewilderment and shock at what I was seeing (trying to keep myself together), but it was most definitely like NOTHING I have EVER seen in the sky before and it was UNMISTAKABLY, UNDOUBTEDLY, something that is not of this world.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with this witness, and we found her to be unusuall eloquent, sincere, and sober-minded. She probably is an excellent witness, we suspect. PD))