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Occurred : 10/3/2013 19:40 (Entered as : 10-03-2013 19:40)
Reported: 10/4/2013 1:59:12 AM 01:59
Posted: 10/14/2013
Location: Portland, OR
Shape: Other
Duration:30 minutes
Saw Oct 3 2013 total of 15 craft with 5 lower than the others going in counterclock with 4 vertical rows of lights semi circ nose

This report is concerning a sighting of multiple UFO’s sighted over Portland, Oregon airspace near Portland International Airport. This sighting occurred on Oct. 3, 2013, at 19:40 hours.

I was on my way traveling East on NE Prescott ave in Portland,Or. I was on my way to a friend’s place on NE 104th. While I was driving I looked towards the east at about a 75 degree angle from Earth. What I saw at first struck my curiosity due to the shape of these craft and how they seemed to hover slowly above with no sound.

I spent 6 years in the US Navy. I was trained in the field of Electronics Warfare. In that field I had to be able to identify Air, Sea, Subsurface vessels by silhouette only. So when I saw what looked like a string of lights hanging down from the sky but they appeared to float slowly over the sky. What struck me as odd was first the lights how they went down vertical instead of aircraft lights going horizontal across the sky.

I at first only saw one that was in front of my vehicle off in the horizon at like I said 75 degree angle from the earth’s surface. Then to the SE I noticed two more floating about 5000 meters apart. From my vantage point. Then they began to move in a counterclockwise movement through the sky like they were surveying the surface because one of them came as low as the Hard deck of 2000 ft. Altitude. Then I looked in my rear view mirror and noticed another in the West behind me. Then off to the North was two more for a total of five making what seemed like a continuous motion still lights vertical. In a counterclockwise movement, one I noticed began to hover over the Airport of Portland or near the I-205 bridge going into Washington state.

The lights draped down vertical with first row of lights going down being white, then a second row was red, then a third row was white with a fourth row that was green. What made me question that they couldn’t be planes is how the lights that seemed to be to the front of the vessel. Would in unison begin with the first row of lights going down then going up while the Red ones went up while the next row of white lights went up as the row of green lights went down as they illuminated. I saw one as it seemed to begin a turn and the vessel was shaped on the front where the lights were with a sem-circle front that shaped downward with flat like sides.

What really was odd about them was how they would move almost like floating then do a maneuver of 180 degree turnaround and head back the opposite direction. So I called the Police they told me to call UFO Center and the Airport Air Traffic. So I called the Center first. Was asked if I had a camera to capture on video? I had my Windows Phone with a great camera on it for a phone.

So I got off the phone and began taping the incident. I was able to capture almost 5 minutes of video. I did not think I was getting it but I did. So later as I arrived home I called the FAA and they told me that the Police had Cesna 172’s up chasing bad guys.

So I looked them up to see the fuselage shape and lighting. There is no way these were Cessna 172s.

I am sure after viewing my video coverage you will see what I mean. Especially the one I caught overhead of my apartment how it moved across the night sky. When I arrived home I noticed more further up in our atmosphere 10 more just stationary.

I hope this helps the center with their research into this incident.