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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/26/1977 19:00 (Entered as : 09/26/1977 19:00)
Reported: 8/19/2013 3:14:25 PM 15:14
Posted: 8/30/2013
Location: Willimas Lake (Canada), BC
Shape: Unknown
Duration:1-2 minutes
Flying object makes impossible maneuvers.

Witness Account of Unidentified Flying Object:

Location: Williams Lake, BC South Lakeside Juniper Street Google Earth lats/longs N52 06 30.47, W122 05 28.72

Date: 1977 Late September

Time: Approximately 7:00 pm

Weather: Clear, high pressure with no clouds Crisp and fresh in the mornings, warm and pleasant in the evenings

Incident: I was 15 years old and living with my parents on a 5 acre lot at the east end of Juniper Street on South Lakeside, which is located on the south shore of Williams Lake itself. It is a somewhat rural subdivision outside of down-town Williams Lake. Our house was located at the base of a large ridge that put us in early shade when the sun gets low on the horizon.

The house was heated electrically, but we augmented this by burning wood in a big wood stove during the winter. My dad and I would go hunting on the weekends and usually we would come home with a load of wood for the stove. One of my chores during the week was to split and stack this wood. I would sometimes tackle this chore right after school, but more often, it wasn’t until after dinner when I would find the appropriate motivation required to get started.

It was one very typical evening splitting wood when I saw something that to this day, I cannot explain. It wasn’t so much what it looked like, but rather what it did that has me perplexed. I am without an explanation and 30 something yrs later, still wondering what that was that I saw.

On this one particular day, things started out no differently. I had finished up dinner and had gone outside to put a dent in the huge pile of Douglas Fir rounds that had been brought home the previous weekend. As far as chores go, splitting and stacking wood can be fairly monotonous. I often took the opportunity to take short little breaks during the couple of hours I would spend swinging the heavy splitting maul.

During these breaks I would do things like asses the pile that I had split; ponder how much was left to do; maybe throw a stick for the dog a few times. Several times during the previous weeks, I had taken the time to notice the passing of a commercial jet liner.

The passing of this jet had become somewhat predictable. At approximately the same time on certain days, it would pass directly over our house traveling roughly north to south. Presumably, it was travelling from Prince George to Vancouver, but I can’t be sure.

So there I was, splitting wood and right on queue came the jet. Upon hearing the distant roar of jet engine engines, I took the opportunity to take a quick break and watched the passing plane for several seconds. I remember that it was shinning fairly brightly in the sunlight. From where I was located, the sun had set behind the ridge. I was, as was all of South Lakeside, in the shadow of the ridge and it was turning to twilight. The plane however was high enough that it was still in full sunlight. It shone brightly and was easy to see. It was leaving a long thin vapour trail that was marking the progress across the sky. The vapour trail wasn’t lasting very long that day and had evaporated into nothing shortly after the plane had passed.

The jet had disappeared over the horizon and the vapour trail had faded into oblivion, so I went back to splitting and stacking wood. After working for what seemed to be about 10-15 minutes, I took another short break. I don’t know why, or what made me do it, but I looked up toward the sky.

As I glanced up, a movement caught my eye. I noticed that an object was moving across the sky in a straight and constant trajectory originating from the east. I say “object” because it immediately struck me as odd. It didn’t look right. It was something I didn’t recognize.

The object was shining brightly in the sky, not like a light, but more so like a metallic object reflecting sunlight. It wasn’t pulsing, or blinking, or flashing. It reminded me a bit of a satellite in space. You know..... those pinpoints of reflected sunlight that transect the sky at night, but this was different. It was much, much larger than any satellite I ever saw. It was too early in the day and not dark enough to see satellites anyway. It also looked to be bigger even than the jet that passed by earlier. It was moving far faster than a satellite usually moves across the night sky, and also faster than a jet liner would travel. It looked to be very high in the atmosphere and I couldn’t discern any specific shape to it. There was no vapour trail or any jet engine noise at all. It was completely silent.

It captured my full attention as I couldn’t identify it. I quickly thought in my mind all the possible things that I thought it could be. A plane, a satellite, a meteor, a weather balloon, but nothing seemed to match what I was looking at.

I was absolutely transfixed and focussed on this object and as I intently watched, it did something I can’t explain. At the point roughly were the object intersected the path of the jet liner, it changed its direction of travel. I say roughly because the vapour trail from the jet had long since completely dissipated. I am not even sure it was at the same elevation as the jet was at, but it did turn from a heading of roughly west and onto what seemed to be the same south heading of the jet. It looked like it had changed course to follow the jet.

The manner in which it changed direction however is not possible. It made a 90 degree turn at full speed. There was no banking, no slowing down first, no gentle curves involved. It was a harsh and exact 90 degree change of course. It was heading west, and then it was heading south, faster than a blink of an eye.

I can use a hockey analogy to help describe what I saw. If you have ever watched a game of hockey, you will have no doubt witnessed the “One Timer” slap shot. This is where a player passes the puck across the ice to another player who, without stopping the puck, and with a fair bit of skill and timing, hits the puck very fast towards the net with his stick. That change in direction of the puck is akin to the change in direction of the object I observed.

That is not all. The object then started to accelerate. From the point that it changed direction, it started to increase its speed, and I mean fast. It didn’t become a blur, it was faster than that. Shortly after the change in direction, it accelerated to the point where it disappeared completely, almost like it had achieved the speed of light. It was gone. The whole incident lasted a minute, maybe two.

The next day, while waiting at the bus stop, I met my friend. He immediately asked if I had seen an object in the sky the night before. I said I had and as we excitedly exchanged accounts of what we saw, it became clear that we both had witnessed the very same thing.

I never saw that object again and to this day, I have never witnessed anything like that thing in the sky. What I saw was impossible, even with today’s technology. Objects in motion simply cannot maneuver in the manner that I observed. What on earth was that? I don’t believe in “beings from another planet” visiting earth. It doesn’t make sense to me. The universe is huge, how could they even find us? Why would they want too? If they had developed interstellar space travel, which is a stretch to think that it is even possible, wouldn’t there be better places to go? Most of all...why would they go to Williams Lake and follow a plane? There must be a rational explanation to what I saw, but what is it? I am still looking for an explanation..... anything to help me understand what I saw.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))