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Occurred : 7/28/2013 22:05 (Entered as : 07/28/13 22:05)
Reported: 7/29/2013 3:07:20 PM 15:07
Posted: 8/30/2013
Location: Dayton, PA
Shape: Light
Duration:2-3 minutes
Orange orb of light making no sound observed by two individuals

On the night of July 28th, 2013, my husband and I were sitting in the driveway on lawn chairs watching the Aquarid meteor shower. There were a few clouds to the southeast, but it was relatively clear across the rest of the sky. There was a light breeze and no moon, and it was quite cool for the time of year. We hadn’t been out long when I asked my husband where the binoculars were, which he said he would get them. I spent a few moments looking at Mars and Saturn and a few deep sky objects. Shortly after 10 PM I decided to put the binoculars back in the garage, and just as I turned toward the door I noticed a bright orange ball of light coming up over the southern horizon traveling east. I pointed it out to my husband and asked what it was. At first my mind tried to make sense of the sight, thinking it was a helicopter or plane on fire, but it made no sound at all. After a moment I realized the binoculars were still around my neck, and I looked at the! object, seeing only a perfectly round ball of deep orange light. The color flickered like a flame into different shades of orange, but it remained constantly lit. It never blinked or made any sort of pattern. It was hard to judge how big or how far away it was, but it was slow-moving and appeared to be low in the sky, its path a relatively straight line. I handed the binoculars over to my husband and ran into the house hoping to get my camera ready, but by the time I made it back it had disappeared. It just “faded out” as my husband described it, and he wondered if maybe it just disappeared behind the clouds, so we went up into the yard hoping to see it again, but we never did.

I have been stargazing since I was a child, and I know what jets, helicopters, satellites, and meteors look like in the night sky, and this was none of those things.