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Occurred : 7/26/2013 22:30 (Entered as : 07/26/13 22:30)
Reported: 7/27/2013 11:17:19 AM 11:17
Posted: 8/30/2013
Location: Jacobstown, NJ
Shape: Cone
Duration:5 minutes
Fire colored orb(s) followed a particular path across the night sky while stopping at particular points.

Saw fire-colored orb/cone moving across the sky. Initially thought it was a flare hovering untill it started moving. The color of the object was what caught our attention, it was orange/red glow with no flashing lights. The color reminds me of an old street light (before the new energy saver blue/white kind). It was heading westward, made a stop above a particular area, then reversed direction for a second and then reverted to its original course. Followed it but lost it behind a cloud, or its light diminished as it turned and headed north/northeast. 2 minutes later a second one (or the same one?) came from the east following a similar pattern. This time we were able to record half of the event. The object made no sound. During the event there were a couple planes in the area on their path north. The object did not follow a typical path of commercial and/ or military planes as we know and see often since we live next to a military base. We have seen all st! ealth technology, military, commercial, and personal forms of craft and never saw anything like this in our lives.