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Occurred : 7/17/2013 22:40 (Entered as : 07/17/13 22:40)
Reported: 7/18/2013 12:19:48 PM 12:19
Posted: 7/22/2013
Location: Waldport, OR
Shape: Light
Duration:5 minutes
Five reddish-orange lights over Waldport , Oregon in the SW sky

Family and friends,

While standing on our deck tonight at around 10:35 PDT we witnessed something amazing. It was a perfect evening with no wind, clear skies and mild temps. I was sitting out on our deck. I had been playing a very soft tune on my guitar that I was making up. My thoughts were of how perfect the night was, and how much I was enjoying connecting with my guitar.

I looked up, toward the SW, and what appeared to be rising over the roof tops were five orange/red lights suspended in front of me. They just floated there, in a formation of two at the top in a horizontal line and three below .

All lights were evenly spaced in the formation. The individual lights were not spherical when close/brightest, but vertically elongated in a line like a lower case i without the dot. They were very short, "1 degree tall," not long lines of light. I cannot say how far away the lights were.

There was no noise. The lights simply hovered/floated at first. When first seen, all of the lights appeared in a space about 10 degrees wide and about 15 degrees in height in the sky.

At first, they seemed to be directly over the rooftops of the houses fronting the ocean. The lowest light seemed about two hands above the rooftops. The lights were as bright as the waxing gibbous moon, but reddish-orange in color. They reminded me of brightly glowing embers, but did not flicker, pulsate or change in intensity until they began to move away/fade.

The words that come to mind are suspended formation. I did not understand what I was seeing, and looked upon the lights as a small child might view a new discovery for the first time. I was spell-bound. Two began to slowly drift out of view/fade toward what seemed to be a southerly direction. At this point, I snapped back into reality and ran to get my son.

He hurried outside in time to see a formation of three lights in a horizontal line about three hands above the roof tops. As we both watched, he realized we needed pix of this. We both ran to get our cameras and tried getting some shots without the flash. Mine didn't come out; his did!! It shows the lights near the final moments of their display when only two remained. He also got some video that we are processing now. Due to auto focus and distance, the lights only appear as round orbs. The pix were taken when the lights were much farther away/fainter than when they first appeared as the group of five.

I know these were not propelled by the wind. The movements were too deliberate as they changed position, then remain fixed again. I feel blessed to have witnessed this!!! This was an experience that he and I will treasure and share forever!! We know what we saw!!! NO, they were not helicopters. We see them all the time and they do not move like this, nor do their lights remain in the exact position. With the changing viewing angles helis show their red, green and white lights. There were no green or white lights. There was no noise.

Flares don't move in this way either since the lights would rise, fall, move left and right very slowly. I have not ruled-out the possibility than five remote controlled devices could have created this, but the power source/batteries for the lights would need to be very heavy to have kept the lights at the high intensity and duration we observed.

What did we see!!! He and I both agreed that nothing of this Earth that we knew of moved in that manner in inner or outer space.

We clearly BOTH witnessed an anomaly. Was it extra-terrestrial? Was it local? Was it spiritual? We don't know. I can only swear to you that it happened.