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Occurred : 7/13/2013 22:37 (Entered as : 07/13/13 22:37)
Reported: 7/14/2013 3:36:52 PM 15:36
Posted: 7/14/2013
Location: Parkton, MD
Shape: Light
Duration:1 hour
Witnessed 15+ crafts on two different occasions the same night

After leaving my parent's home @ 10:35 last night, I saw what I can only describe as my close encounter.

As I approached the hill at the end of their street, I noticed lites rising above the tree line that borders Prettyboy resevoir, one by one, the lights rose up slowly, strategically in a manner unllike familar aircraft maneuver. They were uniform in color, shape and size.

These amber colored lights were at least 50x larger then the biggest star visible to the naked eye and as bright as car headlights set on high. They were staggered in their allignment and some of the lights hovered and appeared to wait as others that were observable through the trees slowly rose up to complete the formation. I would aproximate that there were at least 15 crafts visible and hovering above the trees, but it was also dawning on me that this was not a normal occurence and you just don't see things like this unless you are watching a Will Smith movie!! I was in panic mode now.

I quickly backed down the street and into my parent's dive way. Barefoot and tripping over myself I stumbled into my parent's house. Breathless and in broken English I tried to explain what I had just witnessed. Better yet, I talked her in to coming back out with me so that I could show her firsthand.

We arrived at the spot where I had seen the crafts and two were still visible. I suggested we drive around the reservoir to see more. At this point we did notice the sky was bright pink and we both felt cold electrical charges though out our bodies. After a half hour or so I turned around to take my mother home.

As we approached my parent's street I commented on how I was feeling that cold, electrical feeling again, only it was even more pronounced. My mother responded and told me not to freak out but there was a good explanation for this. There was a craft directly above my car! It was at this time I saw an amber glow outlining my car. To the right of us we saw 15+ crafts hovering above my parent's house. Just as before, only this time I had a witness, and better yet, I wasn't alone!! Both, my mother and I have had a long history of unusual happenings-though never something this big or tangible.

By the time we arrived back to my parent's home, all the crafts had vanished, that quick. All that remained was a bright pink sky and we both continued feeling that cool electrical charge throughout our bodies for a half hour or so after seeing the last of the crafts. One point I forgot to mention above is that my satellite radio was not working during this event.