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Occurred : 7/3/2013 03:30 (Entered as : 07/03/13 3:30)
Reported: 7/11/2013 5:24:48 AM 05:24
Posted: 7/14/2013
Location: Tigard, OR
Shape: Light
Duration:4 seconds
All the jets I see at cruising altitudes take at least 12 seconds to cover the same area, and dont look like actual stars.

3:30 AM on July 3rd facing East towards Mt. Hood from Tigard, Oregon, I witnessed an unusual blinking light approximately 60 degrees above the Eastern horizon.

This star-like light was traveling from South to North at a high rate of speed, and its altitude was approximately 30,000 FT.

I live under a major vector route for aircraft traveling from the South heading North towards Seattle, and I see planes fly in the sky all the time.

This light flashed bright very much like an iridium flare, disappeared, then had a secondary flash that was a very faint light blue color, followed up by the bright flash again.

The speed was also very fast, it went from South of Portland to well North of Portland in 4 seconds.

This light was star-like in nature, and almost seemed to "mimic" the pattern of anti-collision strobes of a typical aircraft. It was very different from all the aircraft I witness on a regular basis, and was completely silent.