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Occurred : 6/24/2013 22:00 (Entered as : 6/24/14 22:00)
Reported: 7/6/2013 11:14:47 AM 11:14
Posted: 7/14/2013
Location: Captiva, FL
Shape: Light
Duration:2 hours
I and a friend first saw 2 UFOs at her house, and when I got home a few minutes later I saw the same two, and then eventually 7.

Long Duration UFO Sightings: On June 24, 2013, I was at my friend “Carol’s” house on Sanibel Island – a barrier island just off the coast of Ft. Myers Florida, USA. Her house is on Clam Bayou, toward the northern half of the island, and is about a half of a mile from the Gulf of Mexico.

What I herein describe is based on notes I had written up the next day after this initial sighting, and several days following, in addition to what “Carol” and a MUFON friend later told me what I was describing to them, “blow by blow,” on the telephone for a total of just over 2 hours

At approximately 10:15 p.m., we were on the second floor balcony, which faces west and is about 20 feet above the ground and about 25 feet above sea level. Our eye level was just under 26 feet above sea level. We saw toward the west an amber light just “blink on.” Then about 2 minutes later, another amber light came on to the right/north of the first one (see drawing). These lights were about the size of a finger nail at arm's length, and they were about two fingers held together apart – they were horizontal to each other. We could not make out any type of a craft, only the lights. The lights were “solid,” which is to say that they were not like turn signal lights on a car.

The sky was heavily overcast and there was no moonlight. It rained late that afternoon, but there was no drizzle when this was happening.

We watched the two lights drift together very slowly toward the north for 10 to 15 minutes at the most. By approximately 10:25, they had drifted behind some trees in the bayou. The trees are about 50 feet high at the most. The lights were just below treetop level. Carol and I both guess that the lights were no more than a few hundred feet above the water.

Shortly after we lost sight of the lights I drove exactly 2 miles (8 minutes) to where I live on Blind Pass, Captiva Island. From a deck on the water behind my house I saw the same two lights again, just over the top of the railing on the south side of the bridge that connects the two islands. My eye level on the deck is about 11 feet above sea level. From my vantage point I estimate that the lights were two to no more than 500 hundred above the water; carol and I figured the same thing from her house.

Based on my second initial sighting over the south end of the bridge, I triangulated where the lights initially were using Google Earth. The lights were 1.53 miles away from Carol’s house,. 2.16 miles from my house, and 1.03 miles out from the beach. I can send “need to know” people my Google Map drawings provide they agree in writing not to disclose where I and “carol” live.

I called Carol shortly after I got home at 10: 41 to tell her what I was seeing, and stayed on the phone with her nonstop for an hour and 21 minutes. I could not remember very well the next day exactly what I was telling her for such a long time; my memory is pretty poor to begin with, and the high anxiety I was experiencing likely compounded the problem. In addition to that, I’m an early, early bird, and am usually asleep by 9 or 9:30, which may have affected my memory too. Nonetheless, I saw what I saw and Carol filled me in a lot on what I herein describe. Unfortunately, carol, at 71 years of age, doesn’t have the best of memories either.

I watched what appeared to be the same two amber lights for a while before a third light, of the same color and intensity appeared to the right of the first two. They remained pretty much stationary but individual ones seemed to change a bit in intensity. After another while they started drifting slowly to the north (to my right, and also drifted a bit higher in the sky. Then a forth, same-type light came on. When the lights came on they came they did not just “switch” on, but came on more like turning on a light with a dimmer switch. These lights were horizontal to each other, but I seem to remember that they were not in a perfectly straight line. The lights continued to drift slowly to the north, but did seem to become a bit dimmer, so maybe they were moving further away from me and more drifted more to the northwest and out to sea.

After quite some time watching them from the deck on the water behind my house, I walked about 200 yards directly west of me to the beach. I immediately saw the ones I’d seen on the bayside. They were definitely very, very slowly drifting from the south of me to northwest (my left to right) and then just hung there for pretty much the rest of the time, about 20 to 25 degrees above the horizon. I’d guess that they were no more than 3 or four miles away from me.

Then another two lights of the same color and intensity came on to the right of the existing ones, for a total of six. I had a 6-volt flashlight with me and I started flashing them, and I clearly remember Carol yelling at me on the phone (and she remembers this clearly too) not to do that - and she was very, very frightened for me. Whether it was me flashing my light on and off or not, the lights DID go on and off, one or two at a time.

Then I started flashing an “SOS” at them – three long, three short, three long. Although I did not get the same SOS back, the lights continued to go on and off. Then a 7th one "came on" just a tad, maybe a finger-width at arms length, above the six, toward the middle, and it was a solid white but not overly bright, and just a tad brighter than the others, about the size of your thumb nail at arms length. I then remember getting VERY frightened and started shaking and told Carol I was going back home, which I did, even though the lights were still there, hanging to the SSW off of where I was.

When I left the beach the lights were still all together in a "group," in a fairly straight line that was as wide as the fingertips on your d held just a tiny bit apart. It was overcast with no wind, and I never heard a sound from them. At the time I remember thinking that they could not have been all that far way, and as I stated before, my initial sighting of them when I first got home from Carol’s my triangulation showed that they were just over two miles away.

During this time the grouping of the lights would change, but not a lot - I could never make out an actual craft, and don’t ask me why I never took a photo with my phone, or got my camera at home.

When I got back home I could not see the lights over the bridge, so they had indeed drifted northward during this time. Despite Carol telling me not to go back to the beach, the scientist in me just had to take one more look, as this was what I thought was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I remember clearly that when I got back to the beach the lights were still there and in about the same place, but I swear on my mom’s grave that I saw a “being” standing on, or floating a tad above, the boulders that comprised the north jetty at Blind Pass. The rocks were about 200 yards to the north of me and the figure was about ¼ of the way in from the end (see photos). As best I can remember the figure was very tall – maybe 10 to 12 feet, and it was grayish, according to my very clear memory of it. What is odd in my recollection of it, is that as a silhouette in front of an overcast sky that was light enough to easily see and differentiate between the Gulf, the rocks sky, it should have been black. There was a definite head, kinda square-cut shoulders, and recalling it as I now write, it seems that it was wearing some kind of a robe, because of both the wideness of the figure from the shoulders going down to the rocks, and because I could not make out any legs, even ! thought I seem to have thought there should have been.

This is where I really have no recall of exactly what happened next – it was just pass midnight, the latest I’d stayed up in probably 8 months due to back surgery and pain meds I have to take. Carol told me the following day that I had described the figure to her (and that it was really, really scaring her), and that I had flashed my flashlight at it while telling here that “they were benevolent and that there was nothing to worry about.” Just how in the world I ever came up with that is totally beyond me, because in my known-to-others belief, any aliens who are kidnapping and abusing us humans can’t be all that benevolent as many claim. She then said that I said that I thought the figure was coming toward me, that I got really scared and hid in some bushes, and that I got lost somehow until I figured out where I was. I was on the phone with her all the while (thank God), so I doubt I got abducted.

I do remember telling her (which she corroborated) that I had finally had had enough of what I was seeing and that I was going home to lock my doors and turn all my lights on, which I did. Again, from my bayside vantage point I did not see any of the lights when I got home. I hung up talking to carol at 12:13 a.m. according to my phone log.

For whatever reason, I went back outside behind my house on Blind pass at around 12:55 a.m., and saw the lights over top of the bridge again. This time I called my MUFON friend “Tom” and woke him up to tell him that “honest to God Tom,” I am right now looking straight at some UFO’s. Tom later told me that I was describing to him for 43 minutes pretty much what I had told Carol I was seeing – that I was going from the bayside to the beach and was flashing my flash light at the lights and that they seemed to be responding, and that I had again seen the bright white light come on for a while just above the amber lights. Tom also said that toward the end I told him I was looking at the tall being on top of the jetty, and left the beach to come home just after that, He said I sounded really frightened all the while I was talking to him.

Finally, I have to be perfectly honest and say that I had taken some extra pain medication that evening/night to deal with my back problems, and that they may very will have affected what I was saying on the phone to my friends, as my friend Tom suggested to me, but I do not believe that the pain meds effected my judgment in what I was seeing in any way. Although I’m a marine biologist, I’m first and foremost a scientist. As per the title of that UFO documentary, I know what I saw – and would be most willing to take a lie detector test or whatever. I would love to go under hypnosis to find out what was really going on, especially with that figure on the jetty I saw – so if there is anyone out there who reads this report and is near the Ft. Myers FL area or who would like to come out to our beautiful little Island, just let me know.

NOTE – Since that Monday night, I and four other shark fishing friends had two UFO sightings of a different type of “craft,” and saw for about 15 minutes a very strange glow, about the shape and size of that last little bit of sun right before it dips below the horizon, just over the Gulf horizon (the horizon is 7 miles out, and we figured the light was emanating from 10+miles out). We all figured that whatever was producing the light had to be absolutely huge (following Wednesday night starting at 9 pm). We had two other sightings that night, and I had sightings of other types of UFO’s the following four nights. Since that time it’s been raining just about nonstop. I will write up the other reports as soon as time allows, and will submit them too.

Quick update: I saw the same two amber UFO’s described above (or something almost exactly the same), plus an orange-red one, approximately 6 to 7 miles due north of where Carol and I saw the other ones (no, they were not fireworks). Report coming soon. The time frame of all of these sightings so far is about the same – from just as the sky is getting totally dark, to 10 to 10:30 p.m.

Follow up reports: Wednesday 5/26/13 Sighting #1 - I and four other shark fishing friends were on the beach on the south end of Captiva Island, FL, close to the rock jetty on Blind Pass. At 9:10 p.m., with just a little bit of light left in the sky, we saw an off-white light traveling from north to south (traveling from our right, facing the gulf of Mexico, to our left). The object was about the size of Venus when it is full, but much dimmer, and was about 60 degrees above the horizon over the Gulf of Mexico. It was traveling about two times the speed of a jet liner, but was only about 3/5ths the height. It was not a satellite, which I’ve seen at least 100 of.

We first saw it to the north, about 35 degrees to the right of us. It took about a minute or so to reach straight out in front of us, and which point it started going on and off, but not in a strobe fashion. Each on-and-off took about one half a second. It took another minute or so reach the same degree south of us as it was to the north of us, when it just blinked out. I was watching it through 10X42 binoculars and it appeared a little bit orangish.

Sighting # 2 - near the had two UFO sightings of a different type of “craft,” and saw for about 15 minutes a very strange glow, about the shape and size of that last little bit of sun right before it dips below the horizon, just over the Gulf horizon (the horizon is 7 miles out, and we figured the light was emanating from 10+miles out). We all figured that whatever was producing the light had to be absolutely huge (following Wednesday night starting at 9 pm).