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Occurred : 6/19/2013 00:15 (Entered as : 19/6/2013 0:15)
Reported: 7/3/2013 8:04:24 AM 08:04
Posted: 7/3/2013
Location: Kells (Ireland),
Shape: Changing
Duration:45 minutes

I was watching the television around 0:15 am and heard the dogs barking I went to look out the window as I normally would and did not see or hear what they were barking at but instead could not help to notice this huge orange coloured light in the stands out very noticeably.

At first as i seen it, it was a distorted light or like a light with no shape to it as in my terms a fluffy shape like a cloud but smaller than a cloud in my vision (which is very good vision) it looked to be the size of about 10 north stars put together but the edge around this single light was fluffy shape (like a cloud). It made me think there was a hole in the sky and this light was shining through this hole.

There were no clouds in the sky at all and I could see stars all over the sky, but I noticed a trail of what looked to resemble a cloud stretched out across the sky and it was linked to the light as in touching it.It was like a thin line of fluffy cloud going in a very near straight line to where the light was. I believe it was not a cloud but more like smoke, gas, dust or steam which this light left behind it as it moved across the sky.

It was moving but very very slowly in my eyes.It seemed to be very very close to land or ground as did the gas or smoke cloud.I could see the beginning of the cloud trail as I call it which just started straight outside my house basically in front of me, it just seemed to appear or start out of nowhere as I could see its tail end or beginning in front of me, there were no other trails anywhere just this one. Going by the ground as measurement as it seemed very close to it, the distance it travelled was about one mile.

The trail was already in the sky when I looked out and our dogs had stopped barking after about 5/10 mins. As I watched this orange light it started getting bigger slowly and it eventually got to a size of about 2 or 3 full moons put together, like as if it were another planet and also took a circular shape like a full moon with no fluffy edges around it. It was freaking me out a bit, but I am very interested in this stuff so I kept watching.

It then split up into 3 or 4 sections in an odd way, but the sections stayed close together they didn't seem to take of in any direction. Then they all started to shrink and fade at the same time slowly returning to a single light.It then was almost gone to a faded star size and then slowly start to get bigger and brighter again and eventually went to the same size and shape again about 2 or 3 full moons put together.

It started splitting up again into 3 or 4 sections and back again to shrinking and fading and coming back to one small faded light.It seemed to be over the one area for some time whilst it was doing this and as it was splitting up it also looked like it was lowering itself to the ground slowly. The top third or quarter section seemed to drop to the bottom, like it was falling through the other sections. This happened at least 3 times.

It may have changed its direction and went behind the hills making it look to me that it was lowering to the ground but I finally couldn't see it any longer as it went down lower behind the hills or somewhere. I did try to look at it through binoculars and didn't notice anything else and it seemed to be easier and much better to watch with just the naked eye.

I watched this for about 45 mins,it was silent all the time and when it disappeared I just had to Google what I saw. As I was typing in Google I heard this boom sound.It was an unusual boom but hard to explain.I looked out once again and saw nothing. I went back to Google and was hard to explain and I ended up coming back to this website of NATIONAL UFO REPORTING CENTRE which I have visited before because of similar strange things I have seen and read a few more reports. This is the website where I have seen so many people explain their sightings as good as identical to my sightings. But still it seems nobody has a clue of what these things are.

I have watched the sky for years and also have had a wonderful site up very high to be able to see all around me counting numerous towns and on a clear day could see even further. I have seen these YELLOW ORBS also which flair up really bright to the size of about 5 north stars if not bigger and then fade down getting smaller to about the size of a north star only a little bigger. These things are out to be seen almost every night only it probably depends on your location.

They sit over different towns without moving for a few mins could be any lenght of time 30 mins or longer or shorter I've seen these just sit there and then when they go small to size of just a bit bigger than north star they move across the sky to sit over another town and when they move they move fast. Even faster than a helicopter it seems. Also when they sit still they seem to be perfectly still not a move.

I have seen hot air balloons, helicopters etc.This is not normal and for the amount of times I have seen these things which dont seem to be too high in the sky I really cannot understand how or why they have not been properly investigated by the right people as they are plain to be seen.

This is REAL, and to come onto a website because you have seen these things and are sure your not seeing things and desperatly want to know what these things are and find that there are hundreds if not thousands of reports of the same sightings explained identical to mine and other peoples in most cases to me seems very weird that this has not been checked out.

These yellow orbs as I also had called them myself before visiting this site are nothing like what I have seen recently with the big orange shape changing light, but I know the reports are realistic from the way there described. I have seen these things hundreds of times already. I am not being smart but only honest and I have to say with the amount of identical reports reported on this site I really really can't understand why there is nothing in the sky to check these things out. Is all those reports from different locations even across the world not enough proof??

I dont think we are all in some weird group that has hundreds or thousands of people belonging to it from different countries who just wants to tell lies on this subject or website.what would we benefit from it?? All we get is a sore hand from typing and no action response just an ear that listens. Maybe I am wrong that National report centre or other people are not doing something about this but it's going on a very long time. With the technology these days why is this such a hard thing to research or find out about?? All I can say is watch the sky and believe us in this much anyway. THIS IS NOT FICTION.

I have excellent eyesight, I am very interested in the sky, I am not colour blind and do not take drugs or have any visions. **PLEASE PLEASE TRY TO LOOK INTO THIS PROPERLY IT IS NOT A JOKE**. Also feel free to ask me any questions

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date is approximate. PD))