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Occurred : 6/29/2013 21:38 (Entered as : 06/29/13 21:38)
Reported: 6/30/2013 10:12:02 AM 10:12
Posted: 7/3/2013
Location: Lake Wales, FL
Shape: Sphere
Duration:10 seconds
Orange, low flying & silent orb in bad weather

At approximately 21:38 hours my wife & I stepped onto our covered back porch, which faces E/NE to have a cigarette. Immediately she called my attention to the part of the sky that is visible below the porch’s roofline and to a bright orange. From there we both witnessed it slowly and silently float toward the E/NE.

At the time the conditions outside were wet and very overcast. This orange orb traversed our field of view in approximately ten seconds, which led me to believe that it was not a Chinese lantern. In fact my first thought was that it could be a meteor however I feel that it moved to slowly.

As I mentioned the weather was poor and the clouds were low but I can’t say for certain what altitude the orb was traveling at. If I were to guess I would say 300 to 500 feet. At our horizon, which due to our house being at the bottom of a hill was only maybe 100 yards from us, is a grouping of trees. The orb passed over these trees and for a few seconds we could still see it through the branches and leaves on the other side. Then it was gone. We came inside and noted that the time was 21:38.

As a side note the evening before this sighting my wife and I saw an unusual light over a mile to the east. It moved very slowly and in our opinion was either a helicopter, though we heard no sound or a balloon, though it moved quicker than I feel a balloon would.

After last night I can only say it was a UFO.