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Occurred : 6/27/2013 21:45 (Entered as : 06/27/2013 21:45)
Reported: 6/27/2013 9:57:16 PM 21:57
Posted: 7/3/2013
Location: Sulphur Springs, TX
Shape: Light
Duration:1+ hour
Numerous lights frequently orbit our area.

To begin, described below is a brief scenario we three have endured silently for years now.

For my wife, and our son... all of us diligent witnesses to aerial oddities.

My wife first noticed what appeared to be a single, irregularly large, star or similarly bright object due west, possibly one thousand feet in the sky. Approximately four discernible colors were observed, while rapidly darting south and west across the sky.

Originating location, to be more precise, could be approximated somewhere between Commerce and Sulphur Springs on HWY 11. The first object was stationary on the horizon from our location near the Lake Sulphur Springs public boat slip sitting on FM 2285.

Once observed for approximately fifteen minutes, the initial object appeared to wobble gently on it's axis, then began a pattern of moments, with extreme precision, positioning itself in a variety of geometric shapes.

After reaching a stationary formation again, still in the same general location, the colors began pulsing between red, blue, and an indistinguishable yellow/white/orange glow. The object shot northerly toward what I imagine is around Commerce. At this moment two additional lights faded into view as if they were perhaps cloaked in the current position. The three lights simultaneously and in succession appeared to resume formation with the primary object performing the same sort of initial choreographed maneuvers.

After two to three minutes one object faded out of view while the two others still danced in almost direct view of the soft glow of, again, what I suspect to be, the city of Commerce.

The additional two lights moved approximately thirty to fifty yards back and forth from their northerly position south, then back again. After performing this maneuver for several moments, these two objects reached a fixed location and appeared to be pulsating. While fading in and out of the aforementioned color scheme, both objects together, dimmed and faded out of view.

Almost directly overhead, more northerly, a single light faded into view but appeared as an ethereal looking soft white ... Similar to a star, but discernible by the naked eye. The object was travelling at a high rate of speed, heading from an approximated due north to the East, toward the Texarkana area. Upon reaching this easterly position, two additional lights intercepted the object and took a triangular formation.

We all watched as these objects pulsed various lights, primarily red and blue, then upon settling on a fixed location, somewhere around three times the rate of speed most airplanes travel across the sky, either shoot out of visibility... Upward... Not toward the horizon, or disappeared out of view entirely.

Again visually scanning the northern sky, we saw what appeared to be a somewhat irregularly bright star. Hovering in a fixed position, glowing white, the object emanated a reddish orange glow then exhibited a red burst three to give times it's original size and disappeared from view.

These are frequent sightings for the three of us. We are healthy, educated, and responsible members of society.

Our child, family, and occasional family friends have also witnessed these baffling lights.

Typically, we have seen these lights first noticeable across our western horizon just after sunset, immediately following the colors of twilight fading to dark. Animals in the area will typically begin stirring, coyotes howl, dogs bark aggressively, birds and insects such as cicadas cease to make noise... all immediate prior to a sighting nearby. There have been well over ten obviously distinguishable lights sighted moving faster than any common aircraft, just tonight.

How this has not made the local news is beyond me. I am former US Army Ranger, law enforcement, and definitely keen on protecting our anonymity. Perhaps similarly security conscious individuals or those with a respect for their own public reputations viewing this type of anomaly can speak to the "why" of the matter.

Words, and especially our attempted video or photo documentation, do no justice to the events I am poorly attempting to describe.

Similar occurrences in this area (google search) are recorded as far back as the 1940s.

I hope that one day this may be of some benefit... to someone.

Good luck.