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Occurred : 6/24/2013 05:18 (Entered as : 06/24/2016 05:18)
Reported: 6/24/2013 6:57:24 PM 18:57
Posted: 7/3/2013
Location: East, 。 (Taiwan),
Shape: Disk
I have a very clear UFO photo shoot

My sister drove home, after a home next to the bridge. See the beautiful sunrise want their pictures taken. Pick up the phone press the shutter, took first that the images of strange, intuitive and immediately press the second shutter. Then check the photos just found the first photo of the foreign body, turned out to be very clear UFO, immediately check the second photo finch does not have any UFO sightings. Looked also did not see any trace of the air, and then they shoot the two did not continue to take a flying saucer. Frankly when we see the photos when the whole family are shocked and disbelief. The first time would have to say to reporters,

After some discussion, however, we are only looking for a credible and professional bodies, test and confirm that our photos are real, then leave our descendants. Maybe because we are convinced that aliens in our neighborhood a place to rest, and I myself have twice in the same place, suspected UFO seen flying objects as well as points of light hovering in the vicinity, so I hope to keep this place let them rest, do not want our neighborhood to become tourist attractions. So we hope to be able to open this conditional photos, we are willing to provide detailed information through the mail to you identification and analysis, but we do not want to be publicly detailed locations to the public, because, in my neighborhood, but also want to protect this place, We are willing to provide photos to our users agree, but we will retain the photo's copyright. Of course, we agree that you can use on your website to publish news. And internal research purposes. Finally NOTES: I do not really understand English is a Taiwanese, all of the above text is translated by GOOGLE, I hope the translation is correct so that you can understand what I mean, of course, you fill out the form to me is also very tough. Therefore, if there is an error please forgive me, anyway, not that I want to focus on what I said ! but my pictures. So just in case I enclose my original Chinese version Hope to receive your reply as soon as possible, because I do not want to know where to send my photos to you, because even if the use GOOGLE translation is not very clear to understand your website is all about.We want to be famous, do not want this picture become media tool to make money, just simply to share our joy and lucky, so that everyone can see this magical moment, as well as confirm that we saw and heard. I hope you have people who will be Chinese, Chinese to receive a reply, it will be of great help, if not I will try GOOGLE, thanks to your help, thank you ~ Thanksgiving ~PS:The following do not understand so I did not tick,I fill the time in Taiwan.

我姊開車回家的路上,經過住家旁邊的橋上。看到美麗的日出想拍照留念。拿起手機按下快門,拍了第一張覺得畫面怪怪的,直覺的馬上又按下第二張快門。然後檢查剛拍的照片,發現第一張照片中的異物,竟然是非常清楚的飛碟,馬上檢查第二張照片中卻沒有任何飛碟蹤跡。抬頭看空中也都沒看到任何蹤影,接著又拍了兩張也沒有在繼續拍到飛碟了。坦白說當我們全家看到照片的時候,都感到非常震驚與不可置信。第一時間本來有說交給記者,但是經過討論之後,我們只想找一個具有公信力並且專業的機構,檢定並證實我們的照片是真實的,然後留給我們的後代子孫。因為我們深信也許在我們住家附近是外星人一個休息的地方,我自己就曾經兩次在相同的地方,看到過疑似飛碟的飛行物以及光點在附近上空徘徊,所以希望能保留這個地æ–! ¹è®“他們休息,也不希望我們家附近變成觀光景點。所以我們希望能有條件的開放這個照片,我們願意透過郵件提供詳細的資料給你們鑑定分析,可是我們不希望詳細的地點被公開給大眾,因為就在我家附近,而且也想保護這個地方,我們願意提供照片給我們同意的使用者,但是我們將保留照片的版權。當然我們同意你們可以在你們的網站上使用來發布消息。以及內部學術研究用。最後附註說明:我是一個不很懂英文的台灣人,以上所有的文字都是透過GOOGLE翻譯的,希望翻譯的很正確也能明白讓你們了解我的意思,當然填寫你們的表格對我來說也是很吃力的。所以若是有錯誤也請見諒,反正我想重點不是在於我說什麼而是我的照片吧。以防萬一所以附上我原來的中文版。希望能早日收到你們的回信,因為我不知道要把我的照片寄到哪裡給你å€! ‘,因為就算用GOOGLE翻譯了也不是很清楚看懂你å! €‘網站 的全部。我們不想出名,也不想這張照片淪為媒體賺錢的工具,只想單純的分享我們的喜悅以及幸運,讓大家也能看到這神奇的一刻,還有證實我們所見所聞。希望你們有會中文的人,能收到中文的回信,那將會有很大的幫助,若沒有我也會努力GOOGLE的,感謝你們的幫忙,謝謝~感恩~PS:下面的看不懂所以沒打勾