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Occurred : 6/21/2013 23:08 (Entered as : 06/21/13 23:08)
Reported: 6/21/2013 8:39:05 PM 20:39
Posted: 7/3/2013
Location: Loganville, GA
Shape: Fireball
Duration:4-5 seconds
06/21/13 , 23:08 , loganville,ga. 5 sec.

Running south west parallel the rode pointe drive. White orange orb, fire ball. 20 to 40k feet

Look I don't know what I saw...but I have looked to the skies my whole life and this doesn't fit with anything I first thought was to call 911.... I live in loganville ,ga. The sky is always full of planes etc. I am sitting on my back porch watching tv...( don't blow me off for this part ) I have had a couple ,3 beers.. Relaxing after work. I have never in my life seen anything in the sky that doesn't fit there.....until tonite...

Not a believer, or nut case about extraterrestrial visitors etc. but the whole idea of so many stars etc, how can we be the only planet to have life etc.... I don't know but I am leaning way towards thinking there is something to this.....I stepped outside into the grass off the patio, and saw a white orange orb shape moving south almost parallel with rose pointe drive , to the east. The color at first made me think it might be a firework or it passed behind the trees on the back yard I got that it was wrong because there was no arch....and it seemed to be moving too fast at a too high altitude.... I quickly moved a half dozen stepps into the yard to see it come out from behind the trees... And I was sure this was all wrong ,to all I know ... It continued at a great speed level and right until it disappeared. My cell phone battery is the only reason I didn't call 911.

I am sure beyond any doubt this object what ever it was... Is beyond the technology I understand we have today.