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Occurred : 6/16/2013 22:30 (Entered as : 6/16/13 22:30)
Reported: 6/21/2013 10:37:24 PM 22:37
Posted: 7/3/2013
Location: Hermiston, OR
Shape: Light
Duration:1 minute
two objects moving across the night sky at very high speed

I had a premonition to walk outside and look at the sky overhead and I did. Lots of stars and sure enough I saw a large light moving across the sky at rapid speed, almost straight overhead. it appeared to be at very high altittude perhaps outside our atmosphere and then I noticed a smaller similar object trailing its trajectory at the exact same speed and flight path but a considerable distance behind the first object which was much larger. I watched them both move acros the entire overhead sky and when they got to about 45 deg from my position they started to fade and simply dissapeared? The first object was much bigger than anything in the sky and the second was about the size and appearance of a small star but both were moving at incredible speed because they covered the entire sky in just a short time ? So it had to be in excess of 25k mph .

What has stuck with me as well is that prior to this I had been having thoughts that I was going to see a UFO ! and that night I just had a powerful thought and went outside solely because of that premonition and looked up and immedediately saw the large object moving very fast across the sky ? I have no idea what I saw , but I have known nearly my entire life that something is out there because I saw a UFO when I was a small child at Lake Havasu on the Arizona side . Lots of people saw it and were quite afraid and disturbed . It looked like a ball of fire hovering about 5 miles away between two mountains on the other side of the river and it just stayed there for a longtime before it started moving around and then just dissappeared ? So I grew up understanding that such things exist but not fully understanding exactly what they are . I have been told I was highly telepathic and spiritual because others have felt my thoughts ? Pretty strange , but I have had all manner of odd and very different experiences in my life that are completely unexplainable . For me the important part of th! is was the fact that I seriously knew about 2 weeks prior that! soemthi ng like this was gonna happen and it did . I am relatively certain it is not over and more to come ? I can just feel it but don't know why ? Just a feeling and what I saw was definitely real . As real as the sun or the moon . I have pondered the UFO phenom considerably over many years and I am convinced that there is a stong connection between UFOs/so called aliens and what we all percieve as God ? It is all connected for sure and I think I know how and why ? Tomorrow nite I am going out to a remote spot and view the Mega Moon and take some photpgraphs and I halfway expect to see more ? Maybe not but tomorrow ,but I have a strongfeeling I will and soon . I honestly don't have any idea where this came from exactly it is just a feeling ? And I have learned to pay attention to my intuition or feelings ! I pray and meditate a lot and am very much in touch with my own powers and inner self . I am 65 years old and very fit and healthy and strong . For me this was a sign of some so! rt and I am still pondering it and completely open to additional information . The only reason I responded is to see if others reported the same phenom at the same time or ? We are being sent messages of some sort or warnings or something ? not sure yet but I am working on it in my own way !